CWP Moms!

Moms, you know how rare it is that you get to be in nice photos with your kids right?  As photographers it's even more rare.  For Mothers day this year, all I wanted was some photos of me and my two little cuties.   Last minute, I decided to make it a little impromptu shoot with my photographers and their kids!  We have to get Haley with her boys and Linda with her daughter later since they weren't able to come.  It was a little rowdy mainly due to my 2, and so fun having everyone here.  Miriam is from Mexico, and her mom was in town so we got to get their 3 generations together.  Miriam's loud and infections laugh is contagious (and hereditary:-) I especially love those ones of her and her mom laughing because it's just so them.  She has two kids, Regina who is almost 3 and Leo who is 6.  Kandice has 2 boys, Jackson who is 10, and Mason who is 7.  They love their mom so much and are just the sweetest boys. They are past the threenager rowdy age, so their session was the easiest.  There's a few of the bribery with suckers and lip gloss at the end.  I just love these moments and I think we'll have to make this an annual event. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

It's rare for moms to be in photographs with their kids and even more rare for moms who are photographers!  So, I decided to do a little impromptu shoot with my photographers and their kids. We even had a special visitor, Miriam's mom, who is here from Mexico! We missed you Haley and Linda!! Wishing all of you moms, foster moms, grandmas, great grandmas, and people who fill that role of mom in a child's life.  You are so important and make a difference in this world! A special thank you to Allura Studios for making this amazing behind the scenes for us!!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! 

Happy Mother's Day!

Some of our favorite moments are always the priceless ones with moms and sons and daughters and grandma's.  These are just a few of the countless ones we have had the privilege of capturing.  Wishing all of you moms, grandmas and also to those of you who have taken on that role to influence the next generation.  Have an amazing day!!! xoxoxo

I Do Book - Destination Florida

We have an obsession with of our couples moments in print and recently had the opportunity to be featured in the brand new I Do... Destination Florida coffee table book.  It's something quite different from wedding magazines that come and go as the seasons change, timeless in style. It's a compilation of the best of the best wedding professionals and creatives in Florida and we love how it turned out! 

Uncle Brent

It will be 3 years ago in April that I had the honor of photographing my cousin Catherine's wedding.  Yesterday was the memorial service to honor and celebrate the life of her dad.  Catherine said it best, "He battled ALS for over 2 years with courage, dignity and strength. He told me that even though he new the disease would ultimately shorten his life, he would not allow it to take away his spirit.  And he was right." Uncle Brent is on my husband's side of the family so I got to know him a little better while Catherine was planning her wedding.  While I was talking to him about the photography part of the wedding, I could hear in his voice the love he had for his daughter, and how proud he was of the person she had become.  When it was finally April 6th, 2013 I got to capture these beautiful moments of Brent and Catherine, and this is how I remember Uncle Brent.  He had the biggest smile on his face as he stepped out the door to walk Catherine down the aisle to meet John.  My absolute favorite moment of the day was during their father daughter dance. At the very end, in perfect fashion, Brent handed her off to finish the dance with John. There was something extra special about it, powerful, and adoring. A moment I know I will always remember.  That's the power of a photograph.  They become more valuable each day that goes by, and with every family member or friend that is not here on this earth with us anymore.  That's the responsibility we have as wedding photographers, and while it's not creating world peace, it is preserving moments and people that are gone with the blink of an eye. It's the "why" behind my love for photographing weddings and people.  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  And an especially happy one for all of our couples who celebrated their very first one as Mr & Mrs!  We ended the year with Kristina & Jeff's fun and fabulous New Year's Eve wedding at the Vinoy, and started off 2016 with Caroline and Greg's beautiful beach wedding in perfect Florida style.  Our couples' in 2015 took us from Tampa, to a private island, and even all the way to Portugal!  The beautiful, priceless, and funny moments we had the honor of capturing was literally countless.  Thank you for entrusting us to capture your wedding vision through our eyes.  We wish you all the best year you could ever imagine, cheers to 2016!!! xoxoxo

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas is the most special, and best one I've ever had!! This year, our 2 beautiful girls were born, and our house is full of joy.  This year is a year of "firsts" for us, and I see that with many of our clients, friends, and family.  For lots of you it's a first Christmas being married, being a parent, expecting to be a parent, or having met the children that will be a part your forever family. These make the holidays such amazing and happy times.  But, for others it's not always a happy first.  Maybe you lost someone you love, or there's a sickness, or just chaos going on in your life.  I was there not so long ago.  Last Christmas we had just said goodbye to a foster baby we knew we would probably never see again and our house felt empty.  As you can see from our Christmas card it's full of life now, and is all that much sweeter because I remember how tough last year was.  We never would have dreamed in such a short time we would be able to adopt not one, but 2 sweet girls! As you celebrate, give an extra hug or write an extra card to someone who might be going through one of those tough first Christmas'.  Each year brings something new and different and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and amazing things to come for 2015!!!!

Congatulations Sylense!

So, this actually happened in December I'm a little behind on anything not wedding related!  It is very important though so I have to share!  The beautiful and talented Sylense Labit graduated from University of Tampa on 12.14.13.  I am SO proud of her, just like in my family, she is a first generation college graduate.  We have also been planning for this day for the last almost 5 years.  She made it through homework and exams along with crazy wedding seasons. I met Sylense when she was a senior in high school because her mom worked with my husband David.  She's been with me and helped to build our brand and become an amazing photographer over the last 5 years.  I was so looking forward to that day because she is now a full time employee and is taking on an even bigger role in what we do!  Her aunt and uncle hosted her graduation party and her parents had a special surprise for her:-)  It was one of the sweetest things ever!  Here's to the next 50 years!:-)  Love you!  

5 Year Anniversary and Surprise Unveiling

I always love throwing fab parties!  Our 5 year anniversary and introducing a new venture was the perfect reason!  I wanted the theme to be mystery and elegance because of the surprise we would be unveiling and I love all things pretty:-)  We are so fortunate to work with the best in the industry here in the Tampa Bay area and I can not thank everyone involved enough for their hard work and amazingness on this event.  Everyone listed below are not only talented in what they do but also some of the best people both in character and friendship that I know. Jenny and Anthony Sanschagrin from 1930 Grande, Linda Somersall from Linda Marie Weddings, and Jana Stall from Events in Bloom are all to thank for making my small vision a gorgeous reality.  They know me so well and I can not thank them enough for seriously how perfect everything was!  

Florals and linens were white with lots of crystals, textured aqua linens, and Jana even incorporated votives with a chevron pattern.  uDream Events did our aqua glow bars for the sushi station and mobile bar.  FH weddings black and white chic furniture created a perfect lounge space.  The food and red velvet signature Lovetini were over the top delicious.  RJ, from the Production Crew took care of the sound, visuals, stage and one of my favorite things was the live twitter feed we had.  I LOVE social media so everyone's tweets and pictures were projected on the walls.  Monique, from Shutterbooth brought Open Booth and also another super cool thing.  At the event you could put #carriewildes on instagram and your photos would print out at the Glam Station.  

Everyone that knows me knows I love wedding cake, and we had a Cake Boss Style unveil in the center of the room with a sequin and chevron encrusted decadent red velvet creation by Alla and Boris from The Cake Zone.  The perfect addition to cake is delicious Gelato from the best, the Gelato Carte.  The girls from Aquali Bridal matched the cocktail models hair/makeup exactly with the florals and decor.  With the theme being mysterious, we had Nathan Coe Marsh perform some of his illusions that I think we are still trying to figure out!  Cory, from Grant Hemond was our MC and DJ extraordinaire.  All the stationery from invitations to menus and tent cards were done by Invitation Galleria also incorporating a little chevron.  My husband, David, even surprised me with a very sweet speech and a dozen roses!

The thing I was most excited about was our surprise unveiling.  It was something no one would ever guess and we did a pretty good job keeping it a secret:-)  Many of you know that David and I are foster parents, and we had a pretty tough year in 2013 with a sweet little baby we had for 6 months.  The short version of the is, together, Holly Nazario and I came up with the idea to start a foundation to start breaking down the financial barriers so that more people can adopt and give so many children that need it a forever family.  The foundation is named after our foster baby, Promise Love.  We hope to help people get the most important gift that can be given family.  It's in the beginning stages but are VERY excited to see where God takes this.  I can not thank Alex and Jocelyn from Voila Cinematic enough for the time and work they put into this video below.  

Venue | 1930 Grande Room | Cuisine | StoneChef Caterers | Florals | Events In Bloom | Coordination | Linda Marie Weddings & Events | Open Booth and Glamstation | Shutterbooth | Production, AV, Live Twitter Feed | The Production Crew | DJ & MC  | Grant Hemond | Linens | Kate Ryan Linens | Stationery | Invitation Galleria | Entertainment | Nathan Coe Marsh | Cake | The Cake Zone | Gelato | The Gelato Carte | Furniture | FH Weddings | Promise Love Video | Voila Cinematic | Models Hair & Makeup | Aquali Bridal | Carrie's Hair & Makeup | Collective Creations | Glow Bars | uDream Events

Our new site is live!

I'm so excited to announce that this is our first posting on our NEW blogsite!!  Growing and evolving each year is one of our top priorities so you'll see a similar look but more clean and simple with easy ways to share with all your friends on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.  As I was pulling images and getting everything together I saw the file of the very first logo that I actually made myself:-)  It wsn't so long ago but it's where everything started!  

cwp logo.jpg

Branding is so important and we really wanted something that people would see and without words or anything else would recognize that it's us.  In 2010 we did a full and complete rebrand and I wanted to keep something from the original logo so the font in the CW we kept and the flower was born.

This year I wanted a softer more sleek look so we changed the flower to be a solid color and the smaller font is a new one that matches the font on our new site.  So it's just a little bit different and our colors are still aqua but with gray and white accents. 


One of my favorite new features is the media page, it's all very visual and interactive, and you can see our latest news and connect with us at a lot of our online locations like weddingwiregoogle, and the blogs we've been on.  Definitely check out our team page, there's a video/slideshow with some amazing and funny moments.  If you want a little bonus you can even watch the outtakes here.  Take a look around and we hope you like the new us!

Let the countdown begin!

Every year we evolve, grow, and change and it's almost time to show you what it's going to look like this year!  This week we will be launching our new and improved site and I can't wait to show it to you!!!  So each day I'll be posting a little element of what you'll see on there, plus it make me make sure to have it ready to go:-)  We did a new shoot with the girls and some of our favorite things!!  More coming soon!

Our New Studio!

Here's our finished new studio space!! I wanted a comfortable living room like feel that is bright and open.  Since we do mostly on location shooting, it's not your typical photography studio.  I did design in though so that if I want to shoot I can use every inch of space, have to maximize!  The brick wall is awesome for headshots or a quick industrial look and the funky wall papered wall is great for a totally different texture.  This space is the main reason that we built our house, because it's really hard to find something in an already built house with a separate entrance and connected but separate space.  All the artwork is hung on a wire system so it can be removed or re-arranged easily without drilling holes in the walls.  Since the rest of the house is coastal chic, I wanted to do modern NY loft style but I couldn't do it!  Still going along with the shabby chic theme is the furniture and wood mantle you see below the monitor.  The sofa and chair I literally looked for like 6 months to find something like this and almost spent a ton of money on a custom piece when I found this set on craigslist for next to nothing.  It's great because I can easily fit them in our suv to take them on shoots as well.  This is the only space in the house with dark dark hardwood floors just to distinquish it as a sepaparte space as well.  There's an attached full bath as for our clients as well.  It's a smaller space so tricky to photography but has a vessel sink, tile mosaic around the mirror and blue painted cabinets with a huge drawer for storage.   

Planning the Perfect Wedding Tampa Edition

This is pretty cool and a little unexpected! The publisher from Grapex Publishing asked me to write for them on the subject of wedding photography and all the important questions couples should consider for a wedding planning guide they were writing.  I was like absolutely, because it was a lot of the things we educate people on as well like: What's the advantage of hiring an actual professional photographer and what does that mean?  Why do photographers copyright their images? What should couples look for in a photographer? and lots more.  They interviewed a professional in each category of vendor that couples getting married need advice on.  The content and information is really a great resource! You can find it on Amazon at Planning the Perfect Wedding.  

Here's all the authors involved: Robby Allender - Centre Club, Jon Saltzman - Jon's Bridal, Jaclyn Montesano - Carrollwood Florist, Randy Markham - Celebrations of Tampa Bay, Jess Waldrop Makup Artists, Michael Lamando - Amici's Catered Cuisine, Brent David Dunn - DunnRight Video and Films, Soosie Lazenby - Urban Coast, Janine and Pam -Sweetie Pies

Facebook Timelines!

So the new facebook timeline is taking off both on personal pages and business/fan pages. I know they get a lot of flack for changing things all the time, but I love it!  I think it is a great way to show off beautiful pictures!  The first thing you see when you hit someones profile is a giant photo.  So, we are now offering beautifully designed cover photos for your profiles.  This is for anything we do, weddings, portraits, corporate etc.  Along with your sneak peeks we'll be tagging you in a fb timeline that you can use on your page.  If you are a past client and you would like one let us know and we'll be happy to do one for you!  Here's some of the ones we've done, check them out!

Amanda + Dan Save the Date!

We just added these gorgeous new custom designed save the date tri-fold cards and boutique magnets.  These are really unique and will definitely leave an impression on your guests!  Amanda and Dan were the first ones to order them and I wanted to share their super nice comments and what the design looks like! The top spread is the inside and the bottom is the outside.  It folds into a 5x5 square with a magnet inside!  Thank you guys!!! xoxox


We received our save the dates, guest book and 8x10s yesterday and we love it all!!!! Thank you so much! The guest book came out perfectly and I am really excited to show everyone!!

Thanks again for all of your help and for making our engagement session so perfect!

Amanda & Dan"


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Studio Opening Soiree!

In honor of our new studio being done (or to set a deadline so it actually got finished:-) we transformed our house/custom studio into an amazing cocktail party!!  I could not have done it without Cindy from Stonehouse Events, she truly is such a professional and thought of so many great details!  If you know me, you know I LOVE desserts and there were lots of those including a cake that looks exactly like one of my cameras!  The theme was around art and design since that's what we do, so Jana from Events in Bloom created these artist center pieces and to top if off a 30x40 floral art piece using one of our pictures.  A couple unique touches that I wasn't expecting was Cindy had each of the wedding professionals involved write me a message that went on their stationary, so sweet!  THANK you so much to everyone who made it a huge success!!  Here's a little taste of the evening and some of my favorite details:-) 

Coordination: Stonehouse Events, Florals: Events in Bloom, Sweets Table: Chic Sweets, Entertainment and Uplighting: Grant Hemond & Associates, Coffee and Cocktails: Café Ala Carte & uDreams Events, Cuisine: Puff n'Stuff, Cake Shooters: A Piece of Cake, Cake: The Cake Zone,  Linens: Connie Duglin Linens, Furniture and Swag: Extravaganza Productions, Stationary: A&P Design, Valet Service: VIP Valet, Video Clips: Tampa Wonderworks, Chivaris: Signature Events

Studio Design Contest!!!! Your Vote is Needed!

A lot of you have seen either pictures of, or been in our new studio and my walls are still bare!!!!  One of my hardest tasks is choosing images to best showcase our work hence the fact I haven't done it yet:-)  So, I need your help and I'll make it fun by giving away some cool stuff too:-)  There are 15 images below, each numbered.  Here's the scoop:

1. Please vote for your up to 3 favorites by either leaving a comment on this posting or you can vote on our Facebook Page -

2. Vote by 6:00pm on Sunday February 2/12!!! I'm ordering them Monday!

3. PRIZES!:-) For the 3 images with the most votes - the couple in the image will get a 16x20 canvas with one of their favorite pictures (it doesn't have to be the one here:-)


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2012 Inspiration in New Orleans

I love the beginning of each new year, January and Febraury are the months I look back and the things we accomplished in the previous year, and areas of improvement and build our goals for the upcoming year.  I just got back from Imaging USA, which is a huge Professional Photographers of America of annual conference.  The classes, tradeshow, and people I met where amazing.  One of the best things about it was the location.  It was in New Orleans this year, which is my favorite city in the US.  I lived there for about 6 months, met my husband David there, and have some lifelong friends there as well.  One afternoon I walked around the Marigny area and just took some time to "see".  It was a totally overcast day with flat natural light which was ok because there were no shadows and you could see the detail in everything.  I could wander around there forever seeing just taking in the atmosphere.  Here's a little bit of the scene that I saw that day, and you'll be seeing lots of new things from us in 2012, I can't wait!