Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas is the most special, and best one I've ever had!! This year, our 2 beautiful girls were born, and our house is full of joy.  This year is a year of "firsts" for us, and I see that with many of our clients, friends, and family.  For lots of you it's a first Christmas being married, being a parent, expecting to be a parent, or having met the children that will be a part your forever family. These make the holidays such amazing and happy times.  But, for others it's not always a happy first.  Maybe you lost someone you love, or there's a sickness, or just chaos going on in your life.  I was there not so long ago.  Last Christmas we had just said goodbye to a foster baby we knew we would probably never see again and our house felt empty.  As you can see from our Christmas card it's full of life now, and is all that much sweeter because I remember how tough last year was.  We never would have dreamed in such a short time we would be able to adopt not one, but 2 sweet girls! As you celebrate, give an extra hug or write an extra card to someone who might be going through one of those tough first Christmas'.  Each year brings something new and different and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and amazing things to come for 2015!!!!