Bayleigh Senior Portraits

This is an extra special senior portrait session because Bayleigh is my niece.  I have 12 nieces and nephews, and she is the oldest.  I've known her since she was 2 years old, she was a flower girl in our wedding and I can't believe she is about to start her senior year!  She's really good at makeup and Instagram selfies, but I wanted to also take some photos of the Bayleigh I know.   A wild mane, no makeup and jeans and sweatshirt which she was totally down for.   Her freshman year of high school she attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and after the shooting happened she is a student that is fighting for the #neveragainmovement.  She spent the week following the shooting actually in Parkland, attending memorials, vigils, viewings, and funerals.  After coming back to her high school in North Florida where she attends now, she and her friends organized a 30 minute assembly where she gave a speech to 500+ students.  I have to say, I'm so proud of her for taking action and doing something that will make a difference for students to come.  My 2 little girls are 4 years old, they call her Aunt B (because Bayleigh said she's too old to be their cousin:-).  I dream of a time for my girls when we as parents and kids don't have to worry that a shooter is going to barge into their school and take innocent lives.  That's not a fear I had to have growing up, the only drills we had were fire drills and tornado drills.  So, please keep speaking out and taking action on the things you are passionate about and what to change it can and will make a difference! 


This gorgeous girl is graduating from high school this spring.  She lives in IL but always wanted to do her senior pics on the beach.  She was here visiting her Aunt Karen (who's a good friend of mine:-) and I'm so happy that I got to be the one to capture these beautiful moments.  Hannah is just a fun loving, natural beauty.  At the end she was all about doing some of her cheer moves in the water!  This is my new off the beaten path location for the beach, but also a field and really cool trees right in Tampa.  I had such a hard time choosing, but here's just a few of my personal favs!!  


Morgan picked the perfect color palette for her senior portrait session with her sweet group of friends!  It was pretty chilly by Florida standards, but these girls braved the cold water and wind:-)  The ones at the end with the pretty sunset and her flowy coral dress are my favorite!  Morgan is graduating in May, and will be off to Boston College for what I'm sure will be some of the best years of her life!


We had a lot of fun with Stephany for her senior portrait session!  Just across the river from Cincinnati, so actually in Kentucky there are some really cool old streets and such a great view of the city.  Stephany loves playing her guitar and her friend Nathalia joined us for some as well.  Here's some of our favs!  Congrats on your graduation coming up soon!

Hannah's Senior Session

Miss Hannah is a Class of 2012 graduating Senior!  I love seniors, they are so full of excitement and potential for what their future holds next.  Hannah is going to school for nursing and also is a talented musician:-)  Carla, our studio manager and portrait photograher photographed her session in Rabbit Hash, KY.  She really captured her personality will all the different funky random backgrounds and outfits. Here's some of our favs! 

Facebook Timelines!

So the new facebook timeline is taking off both on personal pages and business/fan pages. I know they get a lot of flack for changing things all the time, but I love it!  I think it is a great way to show off beautiful pictures!  The first thing you see when you hit someones profile is a giant photo.  So, we are now offering beautifully designed cover photos for your profiles.  This is for anything we do, weddings, portraits, corporate etc.  Along with your sneak peeks we'll be tagging you in a fb timeline that you can use on your page.  If you are a past client and you would like one let us know and we'll be happy to do one for you!  Here's some of the ones we've done, check them out!

Jessica's Senior Session

So you probably don't know this, but Carla, our fabulous studio manager is also a talented photographer:-)  This is her debut session on the blog with miss Jessica and her horse in northern Kentucky.  They hiked down a huge hill, trapsed through a river and met a very interesting farmer along the way.  I love how this showcases Jessica's personality.  The ones of her riding in the field of tall weeds are amazing!!  Her sister also let her wear those fun boots!  

Savannah's Senior Session

Savannah is such a sweet girl, so much fun and full of life!  I love working with high school seniors who want a fashion-y and fun session that lets them be themselves and shows their personality!  They live in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area and there are lots of barns and fields with wild flowers.  This location was for sale and we called the realestate agent who was nice enough to let us use it.  I don't think we have the flower (actually it's a weed) Queen Ann's Lace but there was a nice field filled with them and huge rolled bails of hay.  Here's a few of our favs from Savanna's session.

Sneaks of the Colemans!

These boys definitely have the serious face down:-) Josh is a senior this year so we started out with his pics and then did some fun ones of the whole family and Josh and his brother Joe. Their dad, Joe is hilarious, so it was a totally fun session with lots of great expressions. Check out a few of them below......