Uncle Brent

It will be 3 years ago in April that I had the honor of photographing my cousin Catherine's wedding.  Yesterday was the memorial service to honor and celebrate the life of her dad.  Catherine said it best, "He battled ALS for over 2 years with courage, dignity and strength. He told me that even though he new the disease would ultimately shorten his life, he would not allow it to take away his spirit.  And he was right." Uncle Brent is on my husband's side of the family so I got to know him a little better while Catherine was planning her wedding.  While I was talking to him about the photography part of the wedding, I could hear in his voice the love he had for his daughter, and how proud he was of the person she had become.  When it was finally April 6th, 2013 I got to capture these beautiful moments of Brent and Catherine, and this is how I remember Uncle Brent.  He had the biggest smile on his face as he stepped out the door to walk Catherine down the aisle to meet John.  My absolute favorite moment of the day was during their father daughter dance. At the very end, in perfect fashion, Brent handed her off to finish the dance with John. There was something extra special about it, powerful, and adoring. A moment I know I will always remember.  That's the power of a photograph.  They become more valuable each day that goes by, and with every family member or friend that is not here on this earth with us anymore.  That's the responsibility we have as wedding photographers, and while it's not creating world peace, it is preserving moments and people that are gone with the blink of an eye. It's the "why" behind my love for photographing weddings and people.