Our new site is live!

I'm so excited to announce that this is our first posting on our NEW blogsite!!  Growing and evolving each year is one of our top priorities so you'll see a similar look but more clean and simple with easy ways to share with all your friends on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.  As I was pulling images and getting everything together I saw the file of the very first logo that I actually made myself:-)  It wsn't so long ago but it's where everything started!  

cwp logo.jpg

Branding is so important and we really wanted something that people would see and without words or anything else would recognize that it's us.  In 2010 we did a full and complete rebrand and I wanted to keep something from the original logo so the font in the CW we kept and the flower was born.

This year I wanted a softer more sleek look so we changed the flower to be a solid color and the smaller font is a new one that matches the font on our new site.  So it's just a little bit different and our colors are still aqua but with gray and white accents. 


One of my favorite new features is the media page, it's all very visual and interactive, and you can see our latest news and connect with us at a lot of our online locations like weddingwiregoogle, and the blogs we've been on.  Definitely check out our team page, there's a video/slideshow with some amazing and funny moments.  If you want a little bonus you can even watch the outtakes here.  Take a look around and we hope you like the new us!