Michael and Danielle Featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay!

Danielle and Michael's wedding is a popular one:-)  Their vintage glam is featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay!  I always read the featured and Danielle really shared some of the most awesome comments us. She said “Her photos are far more amazing than any other photographer that I saw. I didn’t event meet with anyone else,”  “You can see in her work that she really loves what she is doing, and that is priceless.”  I'm not saying this to brag, but because I'm so thankful that this is what we get to do and it's not easy, in fact owning a successful photography studio is probably the hardest thing I have ever done.  There's so many "photographers" (which is a term I use very loosly) that are de-valuing our industry and not taking this role as the responsibility it is and I'm so appreciative when people see what we do is different and how much we love it so THANK YOU Danielle!!!! xoxoxox  You can read the full feature HERE.

Snail Mail Love!

I've had this thank you on my desk from Sarah's mom and wanted to share her happiness with Sarah and Andy's wedding photographs!  We are so fortunate to have amazing photgraphers and creativity on our team and I am thankful for it every day!  Thanks Mark and Cherie you made my day!  xoxoxo

Wedding Album Wednesday! Audrey & Adam

I have to get back to posting our albums again!  I LOVE when our brides send us pictures of their new home for their album in their home.  Each album turns out so beautiful and unique. We designed Audrey and Adam's with a 2 toned ivory and green leather accent with a photo cutout. You can see Audrey's comments and their design below!

"The album is everything I thought it would be - Thank you so much for everything! Your quality and attention to detail is outstanding!

Audrey & Adam" 



Snail Mail LOVE!

I got the sweetest note in the mail today from Tara and Matt so I had to share and post a SUPER sneak peek from their engagement session.  We just did their session last week so they haven't seen them yet:-)  It was an awesome location with vintage furniture and randomly flooded spaces....more to come on this one:-)  This little note totally made my day! Thank you guys! xoxoxo

Sarah + Andy's Wall Art

I was so excited to start offering these really cool new custom framing option.  The day I got them we did Sarah and Andy's unveiling of their engagement session and they were so perfect for their wall space and session.  Sarah sent me this picture of them on their walls and a super sweet email. Love it!! xoxox

"Good evening Carrie, 

Thank you so much for suggesting these white custom frames! They fit in our living room perfectly and we love the way it ties our living room together! The best part is when we move after the wedding the pictures will still look wonderful wherever we hang them. My friends have stopped by and complimented how much they love the shots and also that they love how each frame is different. Thank you!! 
Sarah and Andy"

Shaunes + Brian's Super Pano Album

Shanues and Brian's wedding was gorgeous destination wedding in Colorado and I am so exited they just opened it and sent me really great pictures of it in their home!  When we were talking about their album I had a pretty custom idea in mind, and they trusted me and went for it:-)  This is a super wide 8x20 album, so when you open it up the spreads are 16x20.  The cover is a textured see through acrylic that I thought was perfect since their wedding was in snow it looks like the cover is made of ice.  Here's what they thought about it and what it looks like!  

Well we finally revealed our wedding album and I can't believe we waited 6 days to open the box!  But with an out of town visit back to our home town we had a good excuse for some of those days...
It's so beautiful!  At first the unique 8"x20" size threw Brian off, but as we opened the pages and found the first full page layout with no page breaks came up...WOWZA!  What an impact those shots make and it helped us relive our wedding day all over again.
The green leather bounding matched our touch of green perfectly and pops with our mostly black and white color scheme.  But my favorite part of the outside is the acrylic cover, which reminds me of ice and since our wedding was in Colorado over New Years Eve we had ice and snow and then some!
We've just moved to a new home in Spokane, WA and this is a very welcomed "Housewarming Gift" for us to reminisce about this special day and remind us of all our family and friends who are 1,750 miles away.  A permanent home hasn't been found for the album yet, but we will definitely not be hiding it away on a bookshelf!  We can't thank you enough Carrie for all your wonderful help, expertise and support throughout the whole process. Our expectations were beyond exceeded and we beyond thrilled with the end result of the wedding album to enjoy for many years to come!
God Bless,
Shaunes & Brian Haapala"