Susan & Mike's Wedding Album

Susan & Mike's wedding and reception was in front of the big tank in the coral reef room at the Florida Aquarium.  They chose the acrylic album cover which is literally perfect with the photo on the cover.  I absolutely love the little lady bug signature that Apple Blossoms floral puts on their floral pieces so it had to be in their album!  Take a peek at some of our favorite spreads below! 

Stephanie & Rob's Wedding Album

Stephanie & Rob's rustic Wishing Well Barn wedding album matched their wedding style perfectly! They chose a brown bomber jacket leather and photo printed on metal cover.  I love the cover photo, they had this gorgeous warm sunlight behind them lighting up the expanse of field.  At the end of the aisle after Rob went in for a kiss and the perfect dip:-)  Their first dance and dances with mom and dad were so beautiful under the market lights on the patio.  Take a peek into some of their beautiful moments below.... 

Lyani & Darren's Wedding Album

Lyani & Darren wedding story is made up of countless beautiful moments and some of my favorite surprises.  Lyani was at the very beginning of being pregnant which only a few people knew.  Right after the ceremony the 2 of them went off for a moment and photographed them from a distance celebrating not only the beginning of their marriage but of their new little one as well. Darren has the gold medal for best surprise as Lyani thought we were going out for night photos and instead there was a surprise fireworks show. Such a beautiful story they will have for a lifetime.  Take a little sneak peek inside just a few of their album pages below.  

Brittany & Brandon's Wedding Album

Oh how pretty Brittany & Brandon's wedding album turned out!  Flipping through it makes me smile as I remember how gorgeous Brittany looked and the sweet look Brandon had when he saw her walk down the aisle. Their beautiful wedding day was at the Sand Pearl one of my favorite details was the ceremony setup. It was in the round, on the lawn, with flower petal lined aisle and crystal, acrylic center piece. The acrylic cover and swirly patterned black leather they chose was perfect!   

Angell & Jared's Wedding Album

Our wedding album obsession continues with Angell & Jared's custom creation complete with a plum leather and metallic photo under an acrylic cover.  It rained on their wedding day which is not only good luck, but makes for some awesome off camera flash photos with the super cute translucent umbrellas Angell had gotten just in case it rained. Here's just a few of our favorite spread so you can see inside their album.......  

Nichole & Mike's Wedding Album

It's wedding album Wednesday!  Here's a little peek inside Nichole and Mike's black and white Marriott Waterside wedding.  I LOVE how the 2 toned leather cover turned out and completely goes along with their wedding style.  Nichole had the most fabulous glittery gold shoes.  Some of our favorite moments were when they saw each other for first look before the ceremony, and the time we got to spend with the brand new newlyweds for photos on the waterfront!  

Wedding Album Wednesday! Audrey & Adam

I have to get back to posting our albums again!  I LOVE when our brides send us pictures of their new home for their album in their home.  Each album turns out so beautiful and unique. We designed Audrey and Adam's with a 2 toned ivory and green leather accent with a photo cutout. You can see Audrey's comments and their design below!

"The album is everything I thought it would be - Thank you so much for everything! Your quality and attention to detail is outstanding!

Audrey & Adam" 



The Truth About Wedding Albums

Since I was a bride once, although it was in 2005, I thought I would share my wedding album experience with you all:-)  Back then, I was just getting interested in photography and definitely not a professional yet.  My good friend Meredith, who actually helped push me on my way to photography, was a film photographer at the time and had done a number of our friends' weddings.  I knew she would do an amazing job and she ended up doing the photography and film as our wedding gift.  She shot in both color film and black and white film, which I so love the look of b/w film and the pictures turned out great.  A few weeks after our wedding I had all the film developed and thankfully, I had all the film made into digital files on cd so I would have those as well.  Then, I of course spent hours creating this amazing album to remember our wedding by right?  WRONG! We had to unpack all our gifts, get caught up at home after being on our honeymoon for a week, recover from wedding planning, and start our life together.  Life just got so busy and I HATE scrapbooking, I literally would rather die.  Since it was film, I actually do have all the 4x6 proofs of everythhing and I had a few 5x7s and 8x10s made but, up until a few days ago this is what I had to tell our wedding story:

4 cds of pictures that were doing me no good but just sitting in a box in the closet.  Fast forward 7 years to 2012 and that's still what they were doing.  My husband David has even said "we don't even have an album from our wedding like your brides do", and he said that a couple years ago, so I decided that this was the year that I was going to actually do one for us, and I did for our 7th anniversary.  Now, keep in mind I have had my amazing graphic artist Clay, on staff now for about 3.5 years so I have someone to design it for me and it still took me this long!  A lot of the wedding magazines tell you to get your high res images and you can make an album on your own, or that you don't need one.  Well, you can make a book online from a consumer type lab but the print color will fade over time and they are mostly press printed books, not photo quality archival paper that are made to stand the test of time.  But, like me, most of you are going to get busy with life and aren't going to do anything with those digital images.  They are going to sit there on the cd doing you no good.  So what will you have?  When you are 65 are you going to sit your grandkids down and show them your wedding pictures on facebook?  Probably not.  Who knows what will be around then!  You're either going to pull out your album and relive the funny things that happened, details, and all your loved ones who were there, or you are going to wish you could because you don't have an album to show them.  In our family pictures in our album, both David and I have Aunts that were very dear to us that aren't with us anymore.  David's Aunt Faye, who is his only Aunt and my Aunt Carol who was like my 2nd mom both passed away from cancer just a couple years after our wedding.  But, we have them and our fond memories of them in our album.  When are you thinking about your wedding photography and what you have left after, really consider a photographer who does these types of custom, gorgeous albums, even it isn't us, although I hope it is:-)  It is so worth it and you will be so happy you did!  I can now say that I have one finally!  I had the design finished for our anniversary on July 3rd to surprise David, and just got our finished product in the mail a couple days ago.  Our colors were light blue and ivory/peach so I did a blue leather with a band of silver that looked very nice with a b/w picture of us on the cover.  Here's what our finished design looks like so you can flip through and also some pics of it on our coffee table! 

Shaunes + Brian's Super Pano Album

Shanues and Brian's wedding was gorgeous destination wedding in Colorado and I am so exited they just opened it and sent me really great pictures of it in their home!  When we were talking about their album I had a pretty custom idea in mind, and they trusted me and went for it:-)  This is a super wide 8x20 album, so when you open it up the spreads are 16x20.  The cover is a textured see through acrylic that I thought was perfect since their wedding was in snow it looks like the cover is made of ice.  Here's what they thought about it and what it looks like!  

Well we finally revealed our wedding album and I can't believe we waited 6 days to open the box!  But with an out of town visit back to our home town we had a good excuse for some of those days...
It's so beautiful!  At first the unique 8"x20" size threw Brian off, but as we opened the pages and found the first full page layout with no page breaks came up...WOWZA!  What an impact those shots make and it helped us relive our wedding day all over again.
The green leather bounding matched our touch of green perfectly and pops with our mostly black and white color scheme.  But my favorite part of the outside is the acrylic cover, which reminds me of ice and since our wedding was in Colorado over New Years Eve we had ice and snow and then some!
We've just moved to a new home in Spokane, WA and this is a very welcomed "Housewarming Gift" for us to reminisce about this special day and remind us of all our family and friends who are 1,750 miles away.  A permanent home hasn't been found for the album yet, but we will definitely not be hiding it away on a bookshelf!  We can't thank you enough Carrie for all your wonderful help, expertise and support throughout the whole process. Our expectations were beyond exceeded and we beyond thrilled with the end result of the wedding album to enjoy for many years to come!
God Bless,
Shaunes & Brian Haapala"


Wedding Album Wednesday Kristen + Will!

Getting back into the swing of things, gosh I haven't posted on of our couples albums in a while!  Here's a picture of Kristen and Will's beautiful 10x13 metal covered album and what she had to say about it.......


I just got our wedding album. WOW- It is absolutely breathtaking. I love the album cover and covering! I am so happy with it. You are seriously the best!!!

Thank you so so much!


Kristen Borst" 


Wedding Album Wednesday! Nadia + Adil

Nadia and Adil's wedding album turned out gorgeous!!! We designed a 10x13 metal cover, leather accent album for them and Nadia send me a great picture of it in her home and some great comments. Take a flip through! 

"I love the album! It has all of our favorite pictures in it and its so unique, compared to most albums we've seen. We've shown it to all our guests and it makes a great decor piece!
Nadia & Adil"


WAW: Katherine and Brad!

Phew! It's still Wednesday, here it is! I love how Katherine and Brad's beautiful wedding album turned out and I'm so happy they do too:-)  Here's a picture of it in their house right by their guest book too!  Love you guys!!

"Brad and I love our album!  The pictures are wonderful, and capture so perfectly all of the emotions and details that went into our wedding.   Thank you so much for helping preserve our memories of such a special day.

Katherine & Brad Drake"

Andrea + Eric's Album

I love seeing our couples reactions to their beautiful art pieces when they stop by to pick them up.  Andrea and Eric did a 10x13 with a metal cover and chic silver leather accent.  Here's what they thought and you can flip through the pages and see it in their home!  Love you guys!!

"Harmony is pure love for love is a concerto." Everytime we look at our pictures in this beautiful album we smile and sigh remembering our perfect wedding day. Thank you for capturing so many special moments that will stay with us forever! 
In wedded bliss,
Andrea and Eric

Wedding Album Wednesday: Karen + Jonathan

We turned Jonathan and Karen's beautiful wedding story into a 10x13 work of art:-) See what they had to say about it and flip through it for yourself!

"Carrie let us just say that we are blown away by the album it's absolutley gorgeous! Looking at the pictures was like reliving the entire day all over again. Thank you for telling our story. Karen and Jonathon"