(Lisa & Tushar Indian Ceremony @ Renaissance Vinoy}

Lisa and Tushar combined both of their cultures with both an Indian and America ceremony.  It was literally not possible for me to contain all the gorgeousness in only 1 blog posting so this is part oneJ  Lisa looked absolutely breathtaking in the burgundy and gold sari Tushar’s mom brought her from India.  We did a first look with them in the tea garden before all the festivities began.  In Indian ceremonies the groom and his family are also busy getting ready and presenting gifts before the welcoming of them during the barat, Tushar actually entered on a horse with his niece led by singing and dancing.  The bride has not yet entered yet at this point, but Lisa could watch all the activites going on from her suite overlooking the tea garden.  After Lisa’s family welcomed him she was escorted in next by her 3 brothers.  The ceremony starts with the bride and groom draping a floral garland on each other that shows their mutual agreement to proceed with the ceremony.   They sat behind the sacred fire under draped and floral backdrop.  As the ceremony went on the sunlight backlight the light smoke from the fire and it was beautiful.  Just before the end of the ceremony, they take seven steps together that reiterate their aspirations as a married couple.  It was beautiful. Their families congratulated the new Mr & Mrs and then it was time for an outfit change and the American ceremony and reception, which you’ll get to see in the next blog post!    
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{Katie & Vish Indian Wedding Ceremony @Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay}

Saturday mornings festivities started with getting ready with Katie and the girls and Vish and the guys.  I love the deep, rich colors, jewelry and makeup that are involved.  The Baraat is the arrival of the groom, and traditionally on an elephant or white horse.  Well, when you have a Mazerati who needs a horse:-)  Once Vish arrived, the Jaan is where Katie's family welcomes him before the ceremony.  In Hindu weddings there are a lot of traditions that signify the importance of the marriage commitment.  Their officiant did an amazing job of explaining what each of the elements signified, it was so interesting!  Since Vish's family is Indian and Katie's family is America, we also did an entire American wedding that evening so that will be coming next!! 

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{Katie & Vish Vidhi - Garba @Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay}

We got to spend an amazing 2 days with Katie and Vish for the Vidhi, Garba, Indian Ceremony, and a full Christian wedding.  Way too much to tell in one blog posting so there will be 3 in total:-) 

Friday morning was the Vidhi, which is traditional religious rituals held on the day before the actual wedding.  The bride and groom are prepared for the wedding ceremony and the family pray to ward off evil spirits from the wedding and to protect the couple in their married life together.  One of the preparations the families cover the bride and groom's face, hands, and feet in a thick yellow turmeric paste intended not only to keep the evil spirits away but to enhance his skin color for the wedding ceremony.   

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In the evening was the Garba, which is a celebration with beautiful colors and amazing dancing!  Katie and Vish wore bold deep blue, red, and purple.  Garba and raas are two types of traditional dance.  Garba is danced in circles, while raas is danced in lines with a partner typically.  Raas is also played with two sticks, known as dandiya.  And dance they did:-)  Our next set of sneaks will be the gorgeous Indian wedding ceremony. 

Anum + Eihab featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Anum and Eihab's 2 day wedding is featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding Blog today!  I aboslutely LOVE the story of Eihab's car and what we did with it so definitely check out the full story! 

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{Zareena + Osman @Marriott World Center}

I love photographing the getting ready process for the wedding, especially with Indian/Pakistani weddings.  The gowns, jewelry, henna, and colors are so stunning.  Zareena looked amazing in her deep red and golds.  She and Osman saw each other for the first time in the garden before the festivities began.  The reception decor had beautiful florals with lots of crystals, candle light, and textured linens.  LOVE their cake with gold and jeweled broach.  It was gorgeous!  Congrats Zareena and Osman!! xoxox

Venue: Marriott World Center,  Hair/Makeup: About Face Design Team, Cake: It's Tasty Too, Florals: Simply the Best Creations


{Anum + Eihab @Hyatt Regency Sarasota}

Anum and Eihab's wedding was our very last of 2011, and it was definitely an amazing one.  I've been dying to show you this one!  From all the blogging I've been doing over the past several years, I actually really enjoy writing and telling little stories and details from the day.  Well, do you I have a story for you!  Eihab bought a 1963 gold Thunderbird on Ebay from the original owner.  It only had 29000 miles on it, and he drove to and from Colorado to pick it up all in one weekend.  He even still had the original manual which a picture of a couple perfectly posed next to the car!  We of course recreated that same pose and you'll see that and the picture of the manual below.  Seriously, one of the coolest things ever, I guess it's the small things in life that make me the happiest:-)  Before the celebration began, we setup their first look in this long walkway surrounded by palm trees and greenery.  Anum = stunning, Eihab = handsome!  We had a lot of time with just the 2 of them to get some amazing photos beforehand and really put our creativity to work with some dramatic lighting.  The reception decor was all gold textured linens with deep red accents, I love the crystal frosted sweets table.  Anum created the monogram that was on their cake.  One of their traditions is for one of the girls to steal the groom's shoes and he has to bargain with the girls to get it back.  The girls got a little suprise when their agreed upon amount arrived all in pennies!  It was a true honor to capture and be a part of. Congrats Anum + Eihab!!  xoxoxo

Venue: Hyatt Regency Sarasota, Cuisine: Cedars, Florals and Event Design: The Perfect Settings, Hair: Tommy DaSilva Salon and Spa,  DJ: DJ Spin, Cake: The Cake Zone

Anum + Eihab: Mehndi @Hyatt Regency Sarasota

Anum and Eihab's wedding celebration started out with the Mehndi party.  You could feel the excitement when Eihab and his family entered, followed by Anum and her family.  The girls prepared some amazing dances for everyone to enjoy.  There were even two little aspiring dancers there:-)  Pakistani weddings are one of my favorite types of weddings to capture, I love the goregous colorful attire, henna, delicious food, and dancing.  It's all about celebrating with friends and family.  Wait until you see their wedding the following day...stunning!  More sneak peeks to come tomorrow!

Venue: Hyatt Regency Sarasota, Cuisine: Chaat House, Florals and Event Design: The Perfect Settings, Hair: Tommy DaSilva Salon and Spa,  DJ: DJ Spin

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Wedding Album Wednesday! Nadia + Adil

Nadia and Adil's wedding album turned out gorgeous!!! We designed a 10x13 metal cover, leather accent album for them and Nadia send me a great picture of it in her home and some great comments. Take a flip through! 

"I love the album! It has all of our favorite pictures in it and its so unique, compared to most albums we've seen. We've shown it to all our guests and it makes a great decor piece!
Nadia & Adil"


Indian Wedding Decor @Intercontinental Hotel Tampa

The West Coast Nace Chapter's monthly meeting topic this month was Indian/Pakistani weddings and decor.  We photographerd the details and decor for the host site, the Intercontinental in Tampa.  This past year we have done several Indian/Pakistani engagments and weddings and the from the ceremony to the food to the details they are some of our favorite types of weddings to capture.  This setup is a perfect example of the really colorful draping, floral patterns, and lounge furniture that is important to the Mehndi.  The ballroom was much softer florals and decor with a lot of uplighting and more neutral colors, typical of the 2nd day of events.  The cuisine is full of flavor and different texture and color as well!

Venue: Tampa Intercontinental, Florals: Events in Bloom, Furniture: Chic Furniture, Cuisine: Spice Land, Linens: Connie Duglin, Chivari Chairs: Signature Events, Ice Cream Station: Artic Ice 

{Nadia + Adil: Shaadi@Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay}

The second day of celebration for Nadia and Adil's wedding or Shaddi, is thrown by the bride's family for the groom's family and guests.  Nadia and Adil saw each other for the first time in the gazebo overlooking the bay.  We had some great time with just the two of them for some creative photography before the celebration began.  Both families made a grand entrance into the ballroom that was decorated with pinks, golds, and crystals, and beautiful floral centerpieces.  Very different from the previous evening during the Mendhi.  They exchanged rings followed by some advice on marriage and blessings from their family members.  One of my favorite traditions was where Nadia's sister steals Adil's shoes and he had to bargain with the ladies to get it back.  At the very end of the evening the Rukshati is the exiting of the bride and groom with their families so the bride and groom can embark on a new life together.  So many beautiful colors, textures, and the attire was gorgeous!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tampa, Coordination: Quickcare Events, Florals: Suhaag Garden, Attire: HSY Studio, Videography: Jose Ortiz Films, Cake: Mikey's Cafe & Bakery, DJ: Dudha Productions

{Nadia + Adil: Mehndi @Grand Hyatt}

Nadia and Adil's 3 day wedding celebration was amazing! The weekend started off with a ceremony at their home with friends and family followed by the Mehndi or Henna ceremony that evening.  This festive event is filled with vibrant colors, loud music, and lots of food and dancing.  Deep purple, pink, and gold draping, lighting, and cabanas with lounge furniture set the stage for what was to come.  Their grand entrance kicked off the evening with Adil's side with the men followed by Nadia and the ladies.  Their friends had prepared dances and skits for them and their guests to enjoy.  The evening ended with the men exiting and the ladies continued to dance the night away.  It was truly an amazing event to be a part of.  The dancing and music took me to a totally different world and I hope you enjoy some of the moments we captured below. Day 2 was the Shaddi which I'll be blogging soon!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tampa, Coordination: Quickcare Events, Florals: Suhaag Garden, Attire: HSY Studio, Videography: Jose Ortiz Films, Cotton Candy: Wicked Witch, DJ: Dudha Productions