{Nadia + Adil: Shaadi@Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay}

The second day of celebration for Nadia and Adil's wedding or Shaddi, is thrown by the bride's family for the groom's family and guests.  Nadia and Adil saw each other for the first time in the gazebo overlooking the bay.  We had some great time with just the two of them for some creative photography before the celebration began.  Both families made a grand entrance into the ballroom that was decorated with pinks, golds, and crystals, and beautiful floral centerpieces.  Very different from the previous evening during the Mendhi.  They exchanged rings followed by some advice on marriage and blessings from their family members.  One of my favorite traditions was where Nadia's sister steals Adil's shoes and he had to bargain with the ladies to get it back.  At the very end of the evening the Rukshati is the exiting of the bride and groom with their families so the bride and groom can embark on a new life together.  So many beautiful colors, textures, and the attire was gorgeous!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tampa, Coordination: Quickcare Events, Florals: Suhaag Garden, Attire: HSY Studio, Videography: Jose Ortiz Films, Cake: Mikey's Cafe & Bakery, DJ: Dudha Productions