BONUS! Day 15: Blingy - A little tip from all of us...

We couldn’t narrow it down to just 14 so here’s a bonus style and a little tip from each of us!! 
Style -  Jim Hjelm blush fit-to-flare bridal gown with a strapless sequined and embroidered elongated bodice. Accessorized with matching swarovski crystal veil, necklace, bracelets, earrings, and sash.

Carrie Wildes Photography – “When it gets down to the day of the wedding, enjoy every single moment and don’t stress!!  It will go so quickly and before you know it, it will all be over!”

The White Magnolia - "Just remember- your wedding day is a party and not a performance. If at the end of the day you married the person you love, then everything went perfectly!" 

Events in Bloom – “Personalize, personalize, personalize!   Make your wedding memorable and unique from any other.”

Aquali Bridal – “The day of your wedding will happen so fast. Remember to relax and enjoy the whole process of the day. From the start of getting your hair and makeup done, to the final dance and kiss. Your wedding is and expression of you! Let your inner beauty shine through!”

Day 14 of 14 for 14: Goddess - Why you should get a wedding album!

Style - Goddess  A Hayley Paige silk georgette draped bridal gown with a crystal floral beaded strap and crisscross tulle detailing in the back accessorized with a dramatic freshwater pearl headpiece.

Tip: Why you should get a wedding album!

Now days everyone wants the high resolution files.  That’s what the magazines and everyone tells you right?  Well reality is most people probably do nothing with them!  After the wedding you want to get your life going and who has time to try and try and figure out where to make prints or create a book online?  When you are 70 and your grandkids want to see your wedding pictures you aren’t going to sit them down in front of Facebook, you are going to do one of 2 things:  1. Pull out your wedding album and relive your beautiful wedding memories or 2. Say that you wish you had a wedding album to show them but you don’t and have nothing to show for it!  Which do you want to be? 

Your wedding album should tell a story and the albums we offer are ones that consumers can not even come close to getting something like we custom design for them on their own.  When you are looking at photographers really look at the products they offer in terms of quality and custom creation.  I guarantee no one will ever say “I wish I hadn’t done an album”.

Day 13 of 14 for 14: Simple - Wedding Gown Timeframe

Style: Simple - A Modern Trousseau thai silkball gown with a strapless sweetheart neckline and wraparound ties at the natural waist accessorized with a fingertip ribbon-edge veil and drop earring.


Tip: Wedding Gown Timeframe
Guest Blogger - Ashley West - The White Magnolia

Here at The White Magnolia we find that the wedding dress is usually one of the first things a bride checks off her list. Typically once you have a date and venue chosen, it is the perfect time to shop for your gown! We suggest ordering your wedding gown anywhere from 8 months to a year in advance to avoid any stress, but rush orders can be accommodated on a shorter time frame. We work with brides anywhere from three months to a year and a half in advance! Each gown is custom made to order and can take about 4 to 5 months to come in, and you want to give yourself a few months for alterations ideally. As with most things when it comes to wedding planning, the earlier the better. Nothing feels more exciting than deciding on your wedding day look- you can actually envision yourself walking down the aisle on your big day! 

Day 12 of 14 for 14: Modern - Wedding Gown Budgeting

Style - A Tara Keely two piece stunner; an ivory alencon lace mini dress and tulle overskirt with a horehair accented hem. Accessorized with a deep blue LK Bennett sparkle shoe and freshwater pearl & brooch necklace.
Sparkly Heels - Navy Hyde Park

Tip: Wedding Gown Budgeting
Guest Blogger - Ashley West - The White Magnolia

Planning the budget for your wedding day is no doubt one of the most stressful parts, but the most important thing is to prioritize. Decide which vendors and details are most important to you, and put the bulk of your budget into those key things. Most experts suggest putting 10-20 percent of your overall wedding budget towards your gown depending on how it ranks on your list of importance! No matter where you get your dress from, make sure you are working with someone you trust. Who you choose to work with in purchasing your dress is just as important as other wedding day vendors- this person is taking your measurements, placing the order for your dress (color, sizing, and customizations are all important to note!) and helping you alter and accessorize to look perfect for your big day. At The White Magnolia we offer gowns ranging $1400-$5500 and are confident there is a gown for every girl, no matter what her budget is. 

Day 11 of 14 for 14: Princess - Preparing for your Floral Appointment

Style - A Mikaella re-embroidered lace and organza ball gown featuring a dropped waist and a tiered ruffle skirt with mohair detailed edging. 

Tip - Preparing for your floral appointment!
Guest Blogger: Jana Stall - Events in Bloom

Pick a style that fits your personality and your venue: Every wedding has a style. You will find it easier to put your decor and ideas together if you chose a style from the beginning and stick with it.

Do your homework: Don’t go into a decor appointment clueless. There are so many resources out there like wedding blogs, magazines, and of course Pinterest!  At least pull photos of things you like and don’t like.  Create a Pinterest board and pull all the things together that you like so it's visual!

Know your budget range: It is very difficult to help a bride that has no idea what she can spend or in what areas she wants to spend it. 15% of your overall budget for the wedding is a good starting point for flowers.

If you need more help we have an online help page for our brides! We will be glad to give you access!

Day 9 of 14 for 14: Gatsby - Wedding Day Hair Tips

Style - Gatsby: A Modern Trousseau italian sequined and silk crepe wedding gown fashioned into a 1920's style with a scoop neckline and delicate straps accessorized with swarovski crystal headpiece and matching bracelet.

Tip: Wedding Day Hair!
Guest Blogger: Michelle Stall - Aquali Bridal

Show and tell.  On the day of your hair trial, bring anything you think will help your stylist understand the looks you love or the style of your wedding. Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress at a fitting.  Bring pictures of brides, celebrities, models—anyone whose look inspires you.

Shampoo…not! Unless you are going to be wearing a loose blowout, make sure you wash your hair the night before the ceremony; slippery-clean locks have trouble holding a curl or staying put in an updo. A good dry shampoo can be a great purchase for those with greasy hair.

Go big or go home: Pageant hair is big for a reason—hair appears smaller in photography and when viewed from afar (i.e., from a back pew). Another reason to try for size: Your style will likely collapse a bit in height and width as the day wears on.

Extend yourself.  Don’t shy away from having hair extensions for your wedding day; it’s way less of a drama than it may sound. And no one needs to know—it can be our secret! Extensions are great if you want a little more length or fullness, or if you or your artist is worried about your hair holding a particular style all through your wedding day. Even if your own hair falls, the extensions won’t.

Accessorize.  There are so many great hair accessories available now to add a gorgeous accent to your wedding hair. It will depend on the look you’re going for. For a more classical look, you might want to wear a Swarovski crystal brooch. Jeweled barettes can be great. Some of our favorites at the moment are bird-cage veils, feathers, and flowers, which go beautifully with more flowing, playful gowns.

Be honest. If there is something you want to change about your hair, try to contact your stylist and let them know prior to the wedding day. This will help the stylist in planning so that everything runs smoothly the day of your wedding!

Day 7 of 14 for 14: Vintage - Wedding Favor Ideas

Style: Vintage - A Modern Trousseau French alencon lace fit-to-flare gown with a sheer V-neckline decorated in hand-cut lace applique. Accessorized with matching swarovski belt and bracelet combo and vintage flower & feather hair clip.

Tip - Wedding Favor Ideas!

People ask us all the time for creative and fun favor ideas.  One of the newer trends we are seeing is in lieu of favors donating to a charity.  We’ve seen this done a couple of different ways.  Sometimes couples will donate the amount they would have spent on favors to a specific charity and have a little sign on the tables sharing that with their guests.  One of our recent couples were huge dog lovers.  They even had their dogs in the wedding.  They asked their guests to bring dog or cat food instead of gifts to support a local dog shelter.  How sweet is that?  They had cute little wooden signs on the table and their guests loved it!  It’s a great way to give back and get your friends involved in a cause that you love as well.

Day 6 of 14 for 14: Classic - Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Style - Classic:  Tara Keely ivory shantung bridal ball gown featuring an alencon lace bateau neckline, pockets, and a deep V back, accessorized with a double layer fingertip length veil.

Tip: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Colors
Guest Blogger: Jana Stall - Events in Bloom

Choose wedding colors that are easy to find and work with really make your wedding planning a lot easier!  Unusual color combinations or colors that are hard to find in flowers, dresses and linens can make your life---well---miserable.  Choosing the right color combinations for the feeling and style you are trying to convey is also very  important.  You would not pick hot pink, orange and lime green for a soft romantic feel.  It's not going to work.  Think before you pick!  Right now, vintage with soft blushes, golds, and ivorys are very popular.  Seasons can make a difference as well, deep colors for fall, light colors for spring.  Luckily, in Florida since it's almost always warm you can get away with anything!  Your color choices lay the ground work for everything else.  If you are not sure if you are making the right choices, turn to the experts like your florist or decor/design company.  Colors are SO important they set the tone for your day!

Day 5 of 14 for 14: Seaside - How to Pick Fabulous Wedding Shoes

Style - Seaside: A Watters hand beaded slip dress, featuring a bateau italian illusion neckline and pearl buttons down the back, accessorized with mint and gold sandals and bangles.
Sandals | Navy | Florals | Events in Bloom

Tip: How to Pick Fabulous Wedding Shoes
Guest Blogger: Victoria Bowa - Navy Hyde Park

On your big day what you wear on your feet is just as important as your dress, after all you are going to be dancing the night away so you need to be both stunning and comfortable.  When choosing your footwear consider your venue.  Outdoor weddings call for functional wedges or a trendy flat while a fun sandal is better suited for a beach wedding.  Shoes also offer brides an opportunity to introduce a pop of color to their look.  Just remember: there are no rules for your Cinderella moment so pick a shoe that looks and feels fabulous!!

Day 4 of 14 for 14: Formal - How to Choose Your Photographer

Style - Formal: A Modern Trousseau mermaid gown richly embroidered with French alencon lace and a voluminous skirt in layers of pulled silk organza, accessorized with a cathedral length veil and drop earrings


Tip: How to Choose Your Photographer

This is one of my favorite topics, and it is a loaded question!  I’ll try to be brief with this one but here’s what I think are the top 3 things to consider:

1. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!  This is especially true with photography!!  If it’s too good to be true it probably is, and you could be left with a lifetime of regret after. The companies who are amazing, and actually do this for a living have to include the following in their costs:  equipment, insurance, labor costs, product costs, utilities, business licenses, web costs, software/computer equipment and the lists goes on and on.  Many “photographers” who are charging ridiculously low prices are either going to burn out, build a bad reputation, or won’t be able to pay the bills and won’t be around for long.

2.  What kind of priority is photography is your budget? We see inquires all the time where couples say photography is a high priority but then spend all their money on the venue or décor and leave only a tiny amount for photography.  It doesn’t matter if you spend a million dollars on your wedding if the photos are bad that is all you will have left when everything is said and done!  

 3. Personal connection and trust is so important.  Whoever you choose is going to be there from when you are getting dressed to when you leave at the end of the evening.  If you don’t love them and fully trust they are gong to capture your story how you want to remember it, all it’s going to do is cause you to worry the whole day.  Take the time to actually at least have a conversation with, and if at all possible, meet with prospective photographers. Face to face is so important because anyone can make themselves look good online.  

Day 3 of 14 for 14: Unique - Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Style - Unique: A Modern Trousseau blushing beauty featuring an assymmetrical silk ruched bodice and a dropped waist accessorized with an oversized flower headpiece and drop earring.

Tip: Wedding Day Makeup Tips
Guest Blogger: Michelle Stall from Aquali Bridal

Your goal is to bring out your best features- not to prove how well you apply your makeup. So keep it simple but pretty. Sometimes less is more. If you’re going get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, be sure to tell him/her what you want from your makeup. If you want something bolder, or some specific color, you should be able to get it. It is after all YOUR day, and you’re the one who gets to decide how your makeup looks. you should however still be open to wearing a slight bit more than normal because it will show up much better in photography.  Be sure your artist is a true makeup Artist . You get what you pay for in the makeup world.  Do your research and find someone you feel comfortable ,someone you think can truly see your vision and bring it to life for you . Don't forget all eyes will be on you and it will be worth every penny in the end .

- Beware of high SPF foundations/skincare.  Some will react to the flash of a camera and pale you out
- Use a primer under your foundation.  A primer will help to smooth out your skin, tone down un-even patches and redness and most importantly, it will make the foundation or makeup you put on last all day. 
- Make sure you foundation is blended with the rest of your body. There is nothing worse than a pale face and a tan body ladies!
- If you’re getting any facial treatments, make sure to get them several days before the wedding day.
- Get  your brows plucked and shaped (possibly even dyed) before the wedding day. If you pluck them on your wedding day, your brows may look red, swollen and irritated.
- If you’re going to wear contact lenses on your wedding day, put the lenses on before applying your makeup.
- Try not to stress too much (easier said than done, I know!).  Stress may cause impurities on your skin. If  you have some impurities, do not pick at them as it makes them worse! Also, put a clean pillowcase on every night and drink plenty of water (avoid sugars, excess milk, and carbonated beverages).  
-ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use waterproof mascara so it won’t end up on your cheeks if you happen to shed a tear (or a dozen). 
Good Luck ladies and Congratulations From Aquali Bridal :)


Day 2 of 14 for 14: Elegant - Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Style- Elegant: A Modern Trousseau Italian guipure lace fit-to-flare gown with a bateau neckline and cap sleeves accessorized with a charcoal grey ribbon and birdcage veil.

Tip: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
Guest Blogger: Ashley West from The White Magnolia 
Hair & Makeup by Aquali Bridal

The first line in a traditional rhyme is something most brides are familiar with: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. This old folk rhyme says that if a bride has all of the above on her wedding day, she will have good luck through her marriage! Our favorite something old has always been a vintage piece of jewelry from a grandmother, and a great something blue has always traditionally been the garter.  Some brides do their something borrowed as a veil, sash, or other accessory they may want. Most commonly brides use the wedding dress as their something new- that’s where we come in!  At The White Magnolia we are so looking forward to helping many brides find their something new through 2014!

Day 1: 14 Tips and Styles for 2014

Everyone loves inspiration right?  We wanted to do something a little different so we  collaborated with The White Magnolia, Events in Bloom, and Aquali Bridal to give you 14  wedding gown styles but also very valuable wedding day tips as well!  For the next 14 days we will be posting a different style, and tip for planning your wedding day!  Here's day #1!

Style - Boho: A Modern Trousseau strapless Ivory silk organza and chiffon gown with a criss-cross bodice accented with crystals along the neckline and accessorized with a flower crown.


Tip: What is "first look" and should we or shouldn't we?

The bride and groom seeing each other, (aka first look) before the ceremony has gotten pretty popular these days.  Here’s the skinny on why you might or might not want to.  

Why Would You?  Typically when our couples do first look we also get all of the bridal party photos and pictures of the bride and groom done before the ceremony starts.  This does make the day much less stressful for the couple (and photographers:-).  After the ceremony, we usually just have family photos left to do which means the couple gets to spend more time with their guests and attend cocktail hour if they would like.  Another reason to do first look is if the ceremony is very close to sunset time and there is not flexibility in moving it earlier so the couple can get those really pretty daylight photos.  It’s definitely the less traditional route, and also does allow the couple to have a few minutes of “just them” before all the fun starts.

Why Wouldn’t You?  The magical moment when the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle for the first time, it’s dramatic and amazing.  In fact it is one of my favorite moments of the day!  If you aren’t on a time crunch with sunset and want to stay a little more traditional then you might not want to see each other before the ceremony. 

About half of our couples do first look.  Though it is a small detail of the day, it is a personal decision and we don’t push couples either way. We like to give the pros and cons so they can decide what’s best for them.  Either way we are going to get the groom’s face as he sees the bride walking down the aisle and first look or not, hopefully there’s a tear and no matter what it’s such a special moment. 

{Karen & John @ Safety Harbor Resort}

Karen's gown had flowers down the back of one hip and in the middle of the top flower she pinned a butterfly broach.  She and her sister loved playing in her mother's  jewelry box when they were little, and when she needed something blue she remembered the butterfly.  John's son Robert was his best man.  Karen's best friend Kay was her maid of honor.  I LOVE the favors, Karen actually made them, mini succulents in little ceramic birds.  The decor was perfect spring colors of soft greens and yellows.  The centerpieces were pretty flower boxes with tulips and grass.  The cake topper was a bride and groom custom made in their exact dress detail and uniform, evan the medals on the grooms uniform were exact!  Paper butterfly place cards were on each champaign glass.  Both John's and and his son's toast were about how much Karen loved her sports teams and how competitive she is.  John's son was thrilled that Karen enjoyed watching sports and that she is the perfect match for his dad.  Since it was a morning wedding, we actually did their photos after the reception was over so it was nice to have time to take advantage of the awesome spots in Safety Harbor.  Congrats Karen and John!!!  xoxox

Venue | Safety Harbor Resort & Spa | Florals | Events in Bloom | DJ | Grant Hemond | Cake | Let Them Eat Cake | Officiant | Sensational Ceremonies

Karnes Stable Old Hollywood Glam Style

Every so often we do inspiration photo shoots that is just something a little different to boost our creativity and it's fun too:-)  Jana, from Events in Bloom, and I had been talking about doing a photo shoot that was old Hollywood Glam with elegant golds, ivory, pink, candleabras, and interesting furniture.  If you remember seeing the decor in my house, I actually bought a number of interesting pieces from Shabbyed Up Chic.  Gale is amazing, and really an artist with furniture and she has started collecting, and renting items for weddings, so we got her in on it too.  We wanted an outdoor, natural setting and the huge trees and open lawn at Karnes Stables was perfect.  I love the seating area with the huge window frame and beaded chandalier.  Pearls, chalkboard seating chart, and lots of candles.  A huge thank you to Tara and Matt for being our fabulous models!!  Some of my favs are the ones in the mirror.  Enjoy!  

Venue: Karnes Stable, Florals: Events in Bloom, Furniture/Decor: Shabbyed Up Chic


Idea Room: Petal Carpets, Sequins, and golf balls......

 It always amazing how florals and lighting and draping turns a room into a whole different setting.  I recently did a shoot with Hunters Green Country Club, Extravaganza, and Events in Bloom to showcase some unique ideas you can incorporate into your decor.  In door ceremonies sometimes are just used for back up rain locations in Florida, but they can look amazing even in doors with draping uplighting, and I love the rose petal carpet in the aisle.  Why not accent the centerpieces with a little colored stone design.  This especially looks awesome on deep rich linens like the navy ones used here.  The vases have just an accent of sequins on the top that changes with different light.  The escort card table is a green with little golf balls, such a great accent for a golf lover or a country club wedding.  I'm so glad I don't have to come up with these ideas, I just photograph them:-)  

Indian Wedding Decor @Intercontinental Hotel Tampa

The West Coast Nace Chapter's monthly meeting topic this month was Indian/Pakistani weddings and decor.  We photographerd the details and decor for the host site, the Intercontinental in Tampa.  This past year we have done several Indian/Pakistani engagments and weddings and the from the ceremony to the food to the details they are some of our favorite types of weddings to capture.  This setup is a perfect example of the really colorful draping, floral patterns, and lounge furniture that is important to the Mehndi.  The ballroom was much softer florals and decor with a lot of uplighting and more neutral colors, typical of the 2nd day of events.  The cuisine is full of flavor and different texture and color as well!

Venue: Tampa Intercontinental, Florals: Events in Bloom, Furniture: Chic Furniture, Cuisine: Spice Land, Linens: Connie Duglin, Chivari Chairs: Signature Events, Ice Cream Station: Artic Ice