Day 6 of 14 for 14: Classic - Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Style - Classic:  Tara Keely ivory shantung bridal ball gown featuring an alencon lace bateau neckline, pockets, and a deep V back, accessorized with a double layer fingertip length veil.

Tip: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Colors
Guest Blogger: Jana Stall - Events in Bloom

Choose wedding colors that are easy to find and work with really make your wedding planning a lot easier!  Unusual color combinations or colors that are hard to find in flowers, dresses and linens can make your life---well---miserable.  Choosing the right color combinations for the feeling and style you are trying to convey is also very  important.  You would not pick hot pink, orange and lime green for a soft romantic feel.  It's not going to work.  Think before you pick!  Right now, vintage with soft blushes, golds, and ivorys are very popular.  Seasons can make a difference as well, deep colors for fall, light colors for spring.  Luckily, in Florida since it's almost always warm you can get away with anything!  Your color choices lay the ground work for everything else.  If you are not sure if you are making the right choices, turn to the experts like your florist or decor/design company.  Colors are SO important they set the tone for your day!