Day 1: 14 Tips and Styles for 2014

Everyone loves inspiration right?  We wanted to do something a little different so we  collaborated with The White Magnolia, Events in Bloom, and Aquali Bridal to give you 14  wedding gown styles but also very valuable wedding day tips as well!  For the next 14 days we will be posting a different style, and tip for planning your wedding day!  Here's day #1!

Style - Boho: A Modern Trousseau strapless Ivory silk organza and chiffon gown with a criss-cross bodice accented with crystals along the neckline and accessorized with a flower crown.


Tip: What is "first look" and should we or shouldn't we?

The bride and groom seeing each other, (aka first look) before the ceremony has gotten pretty popular these days.  Here’s the skinny on why you might or might not want to.  

Why Would You?  Typically when our couples do first look we also get all of the bridal party photos and pictures of the bride and groom done before the ceremony starts.  This does make the day much less stressful for the couple (and photographers:-).  After the ceremony, we usually just have family photos left to do which means the couple gets to spend more time with their guests and attend cocktail hour if they would like.  Another reason to do first look is if the ceremony is very close to sunset time and there is not flexibility in moving it earlier so the couple can get those really pretty daylight photos.  It’s definitely the less traditional route, and also does allow the couple to have a few minutes of “just them” before all the fun starts.

Why Wouldn’t You?  The magical moment when the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle for the first time, it’s dramatic and amazing.  In fact it is one of my favorite moments of the day!  If you aren’t on a time crunch with sunset and want to stay a little more traditional then you might not want to see each other before the ceremony. 

About half of our couples do first look.  Though it is a small detail of the day, it is a personal decision and we don’t push couples either way. We like to give the pros and cons so they can decide what’s best for them.  Either way we are going to get the groom’s face as he sees the bride walking down the aisle and first look or not, hopefully there’s a tear and no matter what it’s such a special moment.