Day 4 of 14 for 14: Formal - How to Choose Your Photographer

Style - Formal: A Modern Trousseau mermaid gown richly embroidered with French alencon lace and a voluminous skirt in layers of pulled silk organza, accessorized with a cathedral length veil and drop earrings


Tip: How to Choose Your Photographer

This is one of my favorite topics, and it is a loaded question!  I’ll try to be brief with this one but here’s what I think are the top 3 things to consider:

1. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!  This is especially true with photography!!  If it’s too good to be true it probably is, and you could be left with a lifetime of regret after. The companies who are amazing, and actually do this for a living have to include the following in their costs:  equipment, insurance, labor costs, product costs, utilities, business licenses, web costs, software/computer equipment and the lists goes on and on.  Many “photographers” who are charging ridiculously low prices are either going to burn out, build a bad reputation, or won’t be able to pay the bills and won’t be around for long.

2.  What kind of priority is photography is your budget? We see inquires all the time where couples say photography is a high priority but then spend all their money on the venue or décor and leave only a tiny amount for photography.  It doesn’t matter if you spend a million dollars on your wedding if the photos are bad that is all you will have left when everything is said and done!  

 3. Personal connection and trust is so important.  Whoever you choose is going to be there from when you are getting dressed to when you leave at the end of the evening.  If you don’t love them and fully trust they are gong to capture your story how you want to remember it, all it’s going to do is cause you to worry the whole day.  Take the time to actually at least have a conversation with, and if at all possible, meet with prospective photographers. Face to face is so important because anyone can make themselves look good online.