Imaging USA 2016!

Photographers, how many of you are going to Imaging 2016 in Atlanta??  My very first one was just the tradeshow in 2008 when it was hosted in Tampa, and I was just starting my business.  Every year I look forward to starting off the new year by learning, be inspired, and networking with awesome people.  The last 3 years I’ve been an instructor on business and weddings.  I absolutely LOVE teaching and helping people change their life and do what they love!  In 2016 surprise surprise!  I’m teaching a full day of “The Art of The Wedding Photography Business”.  It’s going to be a packed 8 hours of not only learning the key tools of having a successful wedding business, but also a plan with actual steps to create success for your business.  And, it’s me, so it’s going to be entertaining, candid, interactive, and of course have some awesome giveaways from WHCC, ShootQ and Finao!!!!  

Saturday January 9th 9:00am – 5:00pm here’s the link to sign up!! 

PPA Magazine June 2015 - Workflow

I SO enjoy teaching, especially the business of photography. One of my Facebook friends just messaged me and told me he read my Ask the Experts article on workflow.  That was a nice little surprise, I had forgotten I had written that!  It's all about processes and a throw back to my love of Industrial Engineering.  It may seem boring, but is so important.  In this day and age, literally everyone you meet is a "photographer". Yes, the barrier to entry has decreased significantly, but the stakes of actually being a photographer are just as high if not higher than they have ever been, especially with weddings.  The art of capturing couples' wedding stories is a serious responsibility that we absolutely love and are so honored to do every time we get to.  Equally as important, is having a healthy business so that you can work hard, play hard, and create the best experience possible for your clients  It's always a work in progress with how quickly things change, which is one of the reasons it's so challenging and awesome.  I'll be talking about the Art of Business in Wedding Photography for an entire day at PPA's Imaging 2016, in Atlanta! 

Professional Photographer Magazine Feature!

Last August, my friend Andi and I hosted a workshop in Tampa to help photographers and aspiring photographers understand the steps to creating a successful photography business.  Our profession is amazing, but most people who are just starting or want to get into the industry have no idea what it actually takes to do what we do professionally and make a living doing it!  So, we launched the Elevate Workshop and it was amazing!  We will probably do another one this summer!  Professional Photographer Magazine recognized our efforts to help elevate our market in Tampa by doing a little article in the magazine in February, so that is pretty awesome!  It's always an honor when the largest professional photographer association recognizes what we do. 

Professional Photographers Magazine Feature!

Wow, I can't believe we were featured in Professional Photographers Magazine in both February and March!!!  It's so amazing to think about how far we have come and what we've been able to accomplish with support from my wonderful husband, family, friends and the great wedding professionals in Tampa!! We're going to keep raising the bar as high as we possibly can!

Professional Photographers of America Feature!

I am very excited that we are featured in the February issue of Professional Photographers of America (PPA Magazine)!!  PPA is  the world’s largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, with more than 20,000 members in 54 countries so it's such an honor to be recognized by this organization.  They have been an amazing resource for my company both in the art and business of photography.  I've traveled all over the world to a lot of different countries and the US is really the place where if you have a dream and look for the right resources to help you get there you really can do anything!  It's always a work in progress but I hope this can be some encouragement for you who are striving towards something big or have a dream to go for it!