Imaging USA 2016!

Photographers, how many of you are going to Imaging 2016 in Atlanta??  My very first one was just the tradeshow in 2008 when it was hosted in Tampa, and I was just starting my business.  Every year I look forward to starting off the new year by learning, be inspired, and networking with awesome people.  The last 3 years I’ve been an instructor on business and weddings.  I absolutely LOVE teaching and helping people change their life and do what they love!  In 2016 surprise surprise!  I’m teaching a full day of “The Art of The Wedding Photography Business”.  It’s going to be a packed 8 hours of not only learning the key tools of having a successful wedding business, but also a plan with actual steps to create success for your business.  And, it’s me, so it’s going to be entertaining, candid, interactive, and of course have some awesome giveaways from WHCC, ShootQ and Finao!!!!  

Saturday January 9th 9:00am – 5:00pm here’s the link to sign up!! 

WHCC Live - The Wedding Circle of Life

I'm SUPER excited to get to work with the awesome peeps at WHCC education for photographers!  Monday 12/9 the live feed will begin at 12:00pm (EST)!!!  It will be about an hour discussion on building a referral base with your couples and wedding professionals you work with, along with some tips and tricks on lighting and shooting details.  Live Q & A at the end!!!!  Be there or be square!!!:-) You can join us here:

WHCC Live Webinar.jpg

Imaging USA 2014 - Pre Conference Business Classes

Earlier this week I shared what I'll be teaching during the main part of Imaging USA 2014.  Photographers, the most important classes that will change your life are actually before the conference.  When I first started my business I took PPA's SMS 3 day business intensive workshop and it changed everything for me.  With my engineering/consulting background I at least had some business knowledge but knew there was a lot I didn't know specific to the photography industry. 

For photographers who have no business background and are struggling with things like pricing, accounting, marketing, branding, and work life balance these workshops below are ones you can't afford to miss.  I'll be teaching for the 2nd year, the 2 day Business Basics for Wedding Photographers.  We will get you on the right track to make your wedding business match your dreams!  I'll also be teaching some of the 3 day Business Breakthroughs class as well.  This class is for any type of photographer that really wants to take their business to the next level.  Your return on investment will be invaluable.  It's going to be AMAZING and I can't wait! 

Imaging USA 2014 - Platform

One of the things I LOVE doing besides photography of course is teaching!  I so enjoy helping other people realize their dreams and goals in business and in life.  I am SO excited to share that I will be one of the platform speakers at Imaging USA 2014.  It's a big big conference held in a different city every year where photographers from all over the world come together to learn, network, and see all the cool new technology.  

My platform is going to be on what I call the circle of life for your business in weddings. Building relationships with the professionals you work with and your brides, getting your work published, and how that creates more wedding bookings.  It's going to be awesome!!  I am also going to be doing a live shoot that I can not wait for, I'm not telling you anymore though you will have to come:-)   I'll be teaching some pre conference business classes too so I'll share about those soon!


Professional Photographer Magazine Feature!

Last August, my friend Andi and I hosted a workshop in Tampa to help photographers and aspiring photographers understand the steps to creating a successful photography business.  Our profession is amazing, but most people who are just starting or want to get into the industry have no idea what it actually takes to do what we do professionally and make a living doing it!  So, we launched the Elevate Workshop and it was amazing!  We will probably do another one this summer!  Professional Photographer Magazine recognized our efforts to help elevate our market in Tampa by doing a little article in the magazine in February, so that is pretty awesome!  It's always an honor when the largest professional photographer association recognizes what we do. 

Imaging USA 2013!

Professional Photographers of America has an amazing annual conference each January where thousands of photographers from all over the world come together to learn, see all the lastest products and technology, and some pretty awesome parties.  Imaging is held in a different city each year, and is a great place to re-charge, get lots of inspiration for the New Year, and make some new friends!  It's helped me take my business to the next level.  I am so excited to be one of the instructors this year!! I'll be teaching the 2 day Wedding Basics workshop and sharing lots of insite on what it takes to build a successful wedding business and pretty much anything related to wedding awesomeness.  You can find lots more info HERE. Hope to see you there!

Photography Success Elevated

On August 14 Andi Diamond and I welcomed a group of local Tampa area photographers to Datz Deli to ELEVATE their photography businesses.  It was day of learning, math, self actualization, and yummy Datz delicious food!  Our goal was to empower our attendees with the necessary tools  to run successful photography businesses.  Through education and peer support the class was armed with the know-how of what it takes to make their numbers work and profit margins soar.   Thanks to everyone who attended and to our valued sponsors who provided us with some swag:Menual ArtPinhole ProStudio CloudPikartzStudio Seasoning,ProSelect, and Museum Bond. If you missed this workshop, not to fear...keep your eyes peeled for our next ELEVATE Workshop in the spring! 

Elevate Workshops!

You've probably seen me mention that besides photography, business and teaching others is a huge passion of mine!  My friend Andi Diamond and I have both taught workshops and mentor other photographers so we figured why not join forces?  Here's my questions to you: Are you a professional photographer struggling to see positive sales margins?  Do you LOVE what you do but cannot seem to turn a profit?  Many photographers are passionate about their artwork but lack the business skills to make an actual profession out of their passion. Let’s face it- if you are not paying your bills, then what you have is a hobby- not a career.  And no one wants to be a starving artist!  There is a comprehensive and honest strategy behind how and why you should price products and your time in a certain way.  Join us on August 14 from 10am-4pm at Datz Deli in South Tampa for our ELEVATE Workshop, where we will be teaching new and seasoned photographers how to elevate their lives by maximizing their business know-how.

Elevate Workshop2blog.jpg