Imaging USA 2016!

Photographers, how many of you are going to Imaging 2016 in Atlanta??  My very first one was just the tradeshow in 2008 when it was hosted in Tampa, and I was just starting my business.  Every year I look forward to starting off the new year by learning, be inspired, and networking with awesome people.  The last 3 years I’ve been an instructor on business and weddings.  I absolutely LOVE teaching and helping people change their life and do what they love!  In 2016 surprise surprise!  I’m teaching a full day of “The Art of The Wedding Photography Business”.  It’s going to be a packed 8 hours of not only learning the key tools of having a successful wedding business, but also a plan with actual steps to create success for your business.  And, it’s me, so it’s going to be entertaining, candid, interactive, and of course have some awesome giveaways from WHCC, ShootQ and Finao!!!!  

Saturday January 9th 9:00am – 5:00pm here’s the link to sign up!! 

PPA Magazine June 2015 - Workflow

I SO enjoy teaching, especially the business of photography. One of my Facebook friends just messaged me and told me he read my Ask the Experts article on workflow.  That was a nice little surprise, I had forgotten I had written that!  It's all about processes and a throw back to my love of Industrial Engineering.  It may seem boring, but is so important.  In this day and age, literally everyone you meet is a "photographer". Yes, the barrier to entry has decreased significantly, but the stakes of actually being a photographer are just as high if not higher than they have ever been, especially with weddings.  The art of capturing couples' wedding stories is a serious responsibility that we absolutely love and are so honored to do every time we get to.  Equally as important, is having a healthy business so that you can work hard, play hard, and create the best experience possible for your clients  It's always a work in progress with how quickly things change, which is one of the reasons it's so challenging and awesome.  I'll be talking about the Art of Business in Wedding Photography for an entire day at PPA's Imaging 2016, in Atlanta! 

WHCC Live - The Wedding Circle of Life

I'm SUPER excited to get to work with the awesome peeps at WHCC education for photographers!  Monday 12/9 the live feed will begin at 12:00pm (EST)!!!  It will be about an hour discussion on building a referral base with your couples and wedding professionals you work with, along with some tips and tricks on lighting and shooting details.  Live Q & A at the end!!!!  Be there or be square!!!:-) You can join us here:

WHCC Live Webinar.jpg

Imaging USA 2014 - Pre Conference Business Classes

Earlier this week I shared what I'll be teaching during the main part of Imaging USA 2014.  Photographers, the most important classes that will change your life are actually before the conference.  When I first started my business I took PPA's SMS 3 day business intensive workshop and it changed everything for me.  With my engineering/consulting background I at least had some business knowledge but knew there was a lot I didn't know specific to the photography industry. 

For photographers who have no business background and are struggling with things like pricing, accounting, marketing, branding, and work life balance these workshops below are ones you can't afford to miss.  I'll be teaching for the 2nd year, the 2 day Business Basics for Wedding Photographers.  We will get you on the right track to make your wedding business match your dreams!  I'll also be teaching some of the 3 day Business Breakthroughs class as well.  This class is for any type of photographer that really wants to take their business to the next level.  Your return on investment will be invaluable.  It's going to be AMAZING and I can't wait! 

Imaging USA 2014 - Platform

One of the things I LOVE doing besides photography of course is teaching!  I so enjoy helping other people realize their dreams and goals in business and in life.  I am SO excited to share that I will be one of the platform speakers at Imaging USA 2014.  It's a big big conference held in a different city every year where photographers from all over the world come together to learn, network, and see all the cool new technology.  

My platform is going to be on what I call the circle of life for your business in weddings. Building relationships with the professionals you work with and your brides, getting your work published, and how that creates more wedding bookings.  It's going to be awesome!!  I am also going to be doing a live shoot that I can not wait for, I'm not telling you anymore though you will have to come:-)   I'll be teaching some pre conference business classes too so I'll share about those soon!