Annie & Justin

I got to do Annie and Justin's engagement session while they were in town from TX on their wedding venue search.  Annie's flowy navy dress and Justin's patterned shirt was perfect for the beach. There's a hilarious moment I had to include but you'll have to ask Annie and Justin about:-) That sunset, it never gets old!!! I can't wait to spend St. Patty's day with them next year for their wedding!! xoxoxo

Brittany & Will

It's so funny how different the beach looks at different times of the year.  In the fall it's usually bold sunsets with a clear sky and a cooler toned feel to the water.  The combination of Brittany & Will and this gorgeous setting is quite frankly engagement session bliss!  I had so much fun working with you guys and can not wait until your wedding!!  Thanks for being amazing and so fun!  Cheers! xoxoxo

Stacey & Ryan

Stacey and Ryan got engaged on Pass a Grille beach, so it was the perfect spot for their engagement session.  It's one of my favorite beach locations (both when I get to play at the beach:-) and for portrait sessions because you never know what you will find. We got to enjoy lots of laughs and the prettiest Florida sunset! 

Katherine & Rob

When Katherine and Rob pulled up at Pass a Grille beach they had Katherine's white and aqua beach cruiser strapped to the back of their car:-)  It's been on my "list o' fun" as I call it, and just happened to be Katherine's birthday present!  As you can see we had some fun with it on the streets in the little town there.  It was one of those evenings with the light pink sky as the sun was setting and someone had even built a pretty fantastic sand castle for us.  Sweet and happy love!  

Adam and Marcella Surprise Engagement!

Marcella thought she was coming to Florida for a nice Memorial Day weekend getaway.  Adam called me about a month before their trip and told me how he wanted to propose to the love of his life and have it photographed without her knowing.  I remember him asking me if I thought that was a good idea, um YES!  So, we planned it all out and I was so nervous because I didn't want her to see me but I wanted to make sure I captured those sweet moments and emotions.  She said yes, and didn't see me until after she had:-)  It was such a joy to be a part of, I remember the surprise when I got engaged and I love seeing people so happy!  Adam had planned to have extra outfits for them so we could do their actual engagement session right after.  And this is the epitome of why I am so blessed.  Congrats you guys!!

Laura + Mark

We heart dog lovers:-)  Lately, we've been doing a lot of engagement sessions with our couple's furry little children, which having two of my own I of course am a huge fan.  Laura and Mark brought Alli with them and have a really fun story about them.  Sorry Seminole fans, you might not like this one!  Mark and Laura were on their way to a Gator Football Game one weekend when a friend called and told them to stop by the dog shelter. They ended up adopting a dog and thought it would be cute for her name to be Alli for alligator (she has no choice but to sport all the orange and blue!)