T.J. & Brooke

One of my all time favorite events to photograph is surprise proposals!  T.J. called me and said he wanted to propose to Brooke with the Lights of Tampa Festival in the background.  He had planned a scavenger hunt for her when she got home from work and it ended with him down on one knee in front of the beautiful night sky.  It was actually a pretty chilly by Florida standards, and T.J knew Brooke would be cold so he brought hot hands and even had some extra ones for me!  We had T.J. spot lit with 2 video lights to get the festival in the background. When Brooke walked up he read her a letter and then asked her to marry him, she said yes! 

Brad + Dana getting engaged!

Dana thought she was coming to Florida for a little vaca, but little did she know she would be leaving with Brad as her fiancee:-)  Brad is so sweet, he gets extra bonus points for sure!  We planned it all out so that he and Dana could watch the sunset on the beach and then he would ask her to marry him.  When Brad got down on one knee Dana was totally shocked, surprised, and happy all at the same time.  She had no idea he was proposing or that I would be there to capture it all!!  I get super nervous too because I have to stay inconspicuous! We had their actual engagement session set up for a few days later.  Seriously, these are some of my favorite moments in life to capture, the happiness and joy is indescribable!

Adam and Marcella Surprise Engagement!

Marcella thought she was coming to Florida for a nice Memorial Day weekend getaway.  Adam called me about a month before their trip and told me how he wanted to propose to the love of his life and have it photographed without her knowing.  I remember him asking me if I thought that was a good idea, um YES!  So, we planned it all out and I was so nervous because I didn't want her to see me but I wanted to make sure I captured those sweet moments and emotions.  She said yes, and didn't see me until after she had:-)  It was such a joy to be a part of, I remember the surprise when I got engaged and I love seeing people so happy!  Adam had planned to have extra outfits for them so we could do their actual engagement session right after.  And this is the epitome of why I am so blessed.  Congrats you guys!!

Joshua + Jessica Engaged!

When we do an engagement session it's usually after the couple is already engaged. This one Sylense got to actually capture Josh and Jessica getting engaged!!

Josh took Jessica to the Vinoy for a nice birthday dinner, or so she thought!  He wrote a cute message and stuck it in a bottle to float in a fountain in the garden at the hotel. They went for a walk in the garden and told his two sons to point out the bottle to Jessica and show it to her. She then opened the bottle and read the letter, the very last words of the letter were, "will you marry me?" then Josh got down on one knee and asked her again. She said yes with tears in her eyes and gave him a huge hug. Sweet moments, that's why we do what we do!