Adam and Marcella Surprise Engagement!

Marcella thought she was coming to Florida for a nice Memorial Day weekend getaway.  Adam called me about a month before their trip and told me how he wanted to propose to the love of his life and have it photographed without her knowing.  I remember him asking me if I thought that was a good idea, um YES!  So, we planned it all out and I was so nervous because I didn't want her to see me but I wanted to make sure I captured those sweet moments and emotions.  She said yes, and didn't see me until after she had:-)  It was such a joy to be a part of, I remember the surprise when I got engaged and I love seeing people so happy!  Adam had planned to have extra outfits for them so we could do their actual engagement session right after.  And this is the epitome of why I am so blessed.  Congrats you guys!!