Sarah & Danny

Sarah and Danny both love sports and actually met on a soccer field!  I absolutely their engagement story:
"After a long hard day at work, Sarah was coming home to spend a nice quiet Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Danny.  When she opened the door she saw a sign that said "WILL" followed by a trail of rose pedals leading to the next sign.  That sign said "YOU" followed by more rose pedals to a sign that said "BE".  The last sign she could see said "MY".  The rose pedals went into the kitchen and Sarah was getting excited thinking that it was going to say " WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE".  But here was the curve ball.  Instead of the last sign saying Valentine, it said "WIFE" and Danny was on one knee and asked Sarah if she would marry him.  Sarah cried, which made Danny cry, but she did say yes."
Here's some of our fans from their session at UT.  We actually had to reschedule it 3 times because of rain but 3rd time was a charm!  We decided the backdrop of the evening sky gave them a super hero look:-) So fun!!!! I can't wait till their wedding on 3.1.14!!