Amber & Chris Day After

Since we're on the west coast of Florida we usually think of how awesome the light is at sunset, but let's not forget about morning!  We did a day after session Amber & Chris' and it was awesome.  The sun was lower, behind the Hyatt Clearwater Beach, and the blue sky and sunny feel was perfect for how fun these 2 are!  Plus after the wedding it doesn't matter if your dress gets a little wet or sandy:-) 

Bridal portraits, yes they are still in!

Bridal portraits before the wedding are almost a thing of the past, we rarly do them.  But, doing another bridal session after the wedding is totally coming back!  It definitely does not have to be a "trash the dress" session.  It just allows you to wear your dress another time, and get additional portraits in a totally different location than your wedding, or a similar type of location but without the weather or timing restrictions.  That is exactly what we did with Leighann.  She and James got married last August in Marco Island and had a beatiful nautical destination wedding.  Florida in August, super hot! So in January, we went over to the harbor in Dunedin with all the sailboats which totally went along with the theme of her wedding.  The weather was amazing and it was a much more relaxing situation for her as well.  Definitely something to consider ladies!!!

Team Shoot!

Constantly raising the bar and becoming the best at what we do is super important to me!  Every few months as a team we are working on lighting, directing, posing, motion, and building our creativity.  I love having a team that is so talented, we all have different strengths and learn so much from each other.  This one we did in Ybor and really focused on off camera lighting, shadows, and architecture.  Here's some of my favorites!  Thanks to Erin and Clinton for being our fabulous models:-)

Michael + Candice the Day After

Don't worry ladies, this isn't her real wedding dress:-)  Instead of an engagement session Candice and Michael wanted to do a really fun trash the dress session and this really cool pier is right down the beach from the Doubletree where they got married.  Candice bought another dress for $150 so there was no problem going in the ocean or doing whatever they wanted without ruining her real gown, which was gorgeous by the way:-)  They were totally up for whatever so we had a lot of fun with this one!  Love you guys! So much fun!

{Nicole - Back in the Dress}

Crystal blue water, a gorgeous eternity pool overlooking the ocean, basically paradise.  Why wouldn't Nicole and Ken choose Turks and Caicos for their destination wedding??  There will be lots more on their wedding details tomorrow!  The day before the wedding  I got to do a really fun back in the dress (aka trash the dress) session with Nicole.  The Regent Palms is surrounded by beautiful gardens, fountains and a spa that is to die for all right on the ocean so no need to even leave the property.  Nicole's wedding gown was from the Vera Wang collection so I had her bring a second gown that she got from a consignment shop for this session. Then there's no problem getting it wet, sandy or jumping in the pool:-) Wedding sneaks coming soon!

Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0001.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0002.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0003.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0004.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0005.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0006.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0007.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0008.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0009.jpg
Turks and Caicos Wedding Turks and Caicos Trash the Dress0010.jpg

Carla + Brad the day after....

I think I have to start calling these sessions "Day After" or "Back in the Dress" because they are probably my favorite type of sessions to do and I think "Trash the Dress" is a scary term.  Carla and Brad wanted wanted to do a session in some of their favorite places around Cincinnati, sometimes on your wedding day their isn't time to do that, so the day after or close after is a perfect time to use that dress one more time!  Some of their favorite memories are spending time in Newport, ice cream, and baseball so that's what we did!  The people at Schneider's Candy Shop were so nice and even let us use that lollipop thankfully we didn't break it because it was like $40!  Carla really wanted to go in the fountain in Fountain Square but we found out the police department was about 100 yards away:-)

Trash the Dress Contest Video!!

If you saw the Trash the Dress contest sneaks, now get ready for the final product! Tampa Wonderworks created an awesome super 8mm video so here it is as well as my top 5 favorite pics! Julie and Trent were our winners with their idea to trash the dress on the golf course.  Awesome job and thanks to everyone that made it happen!