Bridal portraits, yes they are still in!

Bridal portraits before the wedding are almost a thing of the past, we rarly do them.  But, doing another bridal session after the wedding is totally coming back!  It definitely does not have to be a "trash the dress" session.  It just allows you to wear your dress another time, and get additional portraits in a totally different location than your wedding, or a similar type of location but without the weather or timing restrictions.  That is exactly what we did with Leighann.  She and James got married last August in Marco Island and had a beatiful nautical destination wedding.  Florida in August, super hot! So in January, we went over to the harbor in Dunedin with all the sailboats which totally went along with the theme of her wedding.  The weather was amazing and it was a much more relaxing situation for her as well.  Definitely something to consider ladies!!!