{Jessica & Pablo @ The Hilton Clearwater Beach}

Jessica is from Mexico and Pablo is from Venezuela but they met in Ohio when Pablo's cousin introduced them.  Pablo proposed to Jessica on her birthday.  He had the engagement ring hidden in her favorite dessert and she kept taking bites all around the ring not knowing it was there.  Pablo couldn't take the anticipation so he took the ring out and popped the question!  Jessica loved the Hello Kitty pandora bracelet Pablo gave her. Pablo's niece was the flower girl and Jessica said it took her longer to choose her dress that it took for Jessica to pick her gown:-)  She wanted the "pouffiest" dress should could find, and what flower girl wouldn't?:-)  When she walked down the aisle right before Jessica the tears started flowing, it was so sweet.  During the ceremony, they did a tradition where Pablo gives Jessica 13 coins and promises to her all the qualities he is going to be in a husband.  Their friends and family traveled from all over the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela to Clearwater Beach.  It was a VERY windy day, sand dunes were even forming on the beach. It made for some amazing photos with Jessica's long veil and there was a beautiful sunset with textury (I think I made that word up:-) clouds in the background. The colors were green and beige with white florals.  Jessica danced with her dad and Pablo with his mom and then they switched.  Jessica danced with Pablo's dad and Pablo danced with Jessica's mom. They danced and danced and danced. Congrats Pablo and Jessica!!!!  xoxoxo
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