{Heather + Eric @ Pepin Center}

Someone I was talking to today said, "wow you must love what you get to do"!  Which, is of course exactly right and so I began thinking about exactly why I do while I was choosing my favs for Heather and Eric's wedding.  After thinking about it, the thing that is so amazing to me is that I have somehow become an artist:-)  The way I see it, each of our clients is entrusting us to capture their once in a lifetime event from our perspective so they can remember that forever.  I love the story of it all.  Take Heather and Eric for instance.  Heather has 4 sisters, coming from a family of all girls myself, I can totally relate to the sisterly dynamics, the craziness and fun that includes. Eric is kind of quiet and reserved when you initially meet him, but get him on the dance floor and craziness ensues!  His mom passed away recently, and his aunt did the mother son dance with him, what an amazing few moments that I could actually feel.  The bridal party, definite personality and love for their friends getting married.  The cake, rings, flowers, dress,  I'll leave the rest for you to see for yourself.  Those are my deep thoughts for the day:-)   

Venue: Pepin Hospitality Center, Catering: Puff N Stuff, DJ: RJ Vida, Cake: Greenwise Publix