Email Love!

Makes my day everytime!
"Hi Carrie!
Oh my goodness... that sneak peak was AMAZING!!! (And such a tease!) :-)
The photos on your blog are beautiful. The lighting is amazing... Sylense took some beautiful scenes. I mostly worked with her but I also adored her assistant that came.  I know he got some great shots of the guys. I've never heard them so excited about anything than when they were telling me about their "Groomsmen" pictures. I guess it was there chance to be 'funny' and let me be surprised. They tried telling me about some so I'm DYING to see them! :-)
They were both so great... dealing with my crazy family, a crazy wedding party... and of course, a crazy bride. You have a fantastic staff.  There are now loads of people who have been hitting up your blog page, chomping at the bit for more. :-)