I'm super excited that some of the finishes are happening.  Here's the paint sample for the outside of the house, I LOVE the green color it's going to look amazing with white trim and the metal roof:-) Trim is going in around the doors, baseboards and soon the crown, beadboard, cabinets, and tile!!  I can't wait to show you some of the chandelieres and lighting stuff, I'm going coastal/shabby chic and have some really unique stuff so stay tuned!!

And we have drywall.

The Hardee Board is all on!  It's going to be a sage green color with white trim.  The drywall just got finished this week too.  The guys were walking all over on those cool stilts I didn't want to distract them so I didn't take any pics of them actually on the stilts.  It's a pretty messy process but it's looking more and more like a house:-)  The doors and trim are all delivered too so the inside finished are going to start soon.  All this rain turned the digging for the septic tank into a retention pond for now, I hope no gators decide to make it their home!

Doors & Wires

House update!  Since the outside is up, there are smaller but still lots of progress going on in the inside.  I’ll walk you through the new changes...

This is the door to my new studio space!!!!  It’s going to be NY Loft style with a foyer, gallery, unveiling space, office, and a little private lanai:-)

Here’s a look at my actual work office space, they are installing all the air handler stuff at the moment.

Here’s our front door, it’s see through glass right now but I’m thinking of frosting it or something!

Start of the kitchen! You can see the pantry, and that pipe sticking up goes to the sink in the island.

This is a view of the greatroom/kitchen.

Moving upstairs our master bath doesn’t have windows yet but you can see where the mack daddy shower is going to be.

Again air handler madness in the ceiling....

This is in the loft facing upstairs facing the laundry room.  This is where the controls for lots of electrical stuff is going to be hence all the wires.


Here's a little house update.  The wood is all there and they put this plastic stuff all along the outside to protect it from the rain.  Thankfully it hasn't been rainy even though it's rainy season so definitely a good thing!  We were hoping for a nice view of the lake from our master bedroom and we turned out correct on that.  I think my next update will be on the interior design stuff we are doing:-)  Happy Friday!


On Tuesday all the lumber was sitting their waiting.............

Then yesterday at the end of the day we already have a lot of one floor!  In 2 weeks the whole structure should be up first and second floor so it's pretty cool to see the progress.  Our general contractor, Josh Fuller is amazing!  His attention to detail, communication and scheduling has exceeded our expectations so far.  You hear all these horror stories about building and it definitely has it's challenges but when you have great people in charge it makes the process go much more smoothly so I'll keep the updates coming!!

Foundation Starting!

I'm doing a once a week photo journal on the house building progress! Nothing super super exciting yet, but you can see the footprint of it starting now which is kind of cool!  They poured this grid and next the plumbing will go in then the foundation will be poured.  The framing might even start end of next week so that's when it will start taking off!

Starting the Foundation

There's not anything too super exciting yet, but here's the latest!  The well is dug and they are building a grid around all the pilings that were hammered into the ground, so the plumbing will be added next and then the foundation will be poured.  It will be a little more interesting once the structure starts going up:-)

50 ft pilings

Construction update!  We had to put 29 fifty foot pilings into the ground because the soil isn't dense enough, yeah who would have thought?  That plus 60 truckloads of dirt and it looks much different already.  Here's what the drilling process looked like.........


Bring on the dirt.....

The house building is moving along!  Right now it's just dirt going on.  It's a 1/4 property so not huge but the county is making us raise it 3 feet which means 60, yes 6-0 truckloads of dirt! I never thought we would have to buy that much dirt!  Friday or Monday I should have more interesting stuff because they are going to start driving pilings for the foundation....

It's finally starting.......

So it's been forever, but in March 2009 we bought a little piece of property to build a house and custom studio space and it's finally starting!!! It's been two years of saving, designing, and LOTS of everything else that goes into it but we officially have the permits and the Doc Box is up so it's happening!!!! I'm going to be blogging the whole process of course:-)  Tomorrow the trees are going to start coming down so it will look much different soon.  We are excited to be working with Fuller Construction and Studio M for the interior design.  Lots more to come!