Doors & Wires

House update!  Since the outside is up, there are smaller but still lots of progress going on in the inside.  I’ll walk you through the new changes...

This is the door to my new studio space!!!!  It’s going to be NY Loft style with a foyer, gallery, unveiling space, office, and a little private lanai:-)

Here’s a look at my actual work office space, they are installing all the air handler stuff at the moment.

Here’s our front door, it’s see through glass right now but I’m thinking of frosting it or something!

Start of the kitchen! You can see the pantry, and that pipe sticking up goes to the sink in the island.

This is a view of the greatroom/kitchen.

Moving upstairs our master bath doesn’t have windows yet but you can see where the mack daddy shower is going to be.

Again air handler madness in the ceiling....

This is in the loft facing upstairs facing the laundry room.  This is where the controls for lots of electrical stuff is going to be hence all the wires.