Jessica & Marc

Jessica and Marc are getting married at the Vinoy Golf resort on Snell Isle, but wanted to still be able to take advantage of the beautiful hotel and waterfront views for their engagement session.  I love their outfit choices, Marc's belt has fish on it that match his shirt perfectly:-)  9.17.16 they will be Mr. & Mrs!

Joshua + Jessica Engaged!

When we do an engagement session it's usually after the couple is already engaged. This one Sylense got to actually capture Josh and Jessica getting engaged!!

Josh took Jessica to the Vinoy for a nice birthday dinner, or so she thought!  He wrote a cute message and stuck it in a bottle to float in a fountain in the garden at the hotel. They went for a walk in the garden and told his two sons to point out the bottle to Jessica and show it to her. She then opened the bottle and read the letter, the very last words of the letter were, "will you marry me?" then Josh got down on one knee and asked her again. She said yes with tears in her eyes and gave him a huge hug. Sweet moments, that's why we do what we do!