{Katie & Vish Vidhi - Garba @Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay}

We got to spend an amazing 2 days with Katie and Vish for the Vidhi, Garba, Indian Ceremony, and a full Christian wedding.  Way too much to tell in one blog posting so there will be 3 in total:-) 

Friday morning was the Vidhi, which is traditional religious rituals held on the day before the actual wedding.  The bride and groom are prepared for the wedding ceremony and the family pray to ward off evil spirits from the wedding and to protect the couple in their married life together.  One of the preparations the families cover the bride and groom's face, hands, and feet in a thick yellow turmeric paste intended not only to keep the evil spirits away but to enhance his skin color for the wedding ceremony.   

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In the evening was the Garba, which is a celebration with beautiful colors and amazing dancing!  Katie and Vish wore bold deep blue, red, and purple.  Garba and raas are two types of traditional dance.  Garba is danced in circles, while raas is danced in lines with a partner typically.  Raas is also played with two sticks, known as dandiya.  And dance they did:-)  Our next set of sneaks will be the gorgeous Indian wedding ceremony.