Foto Friday! Calligraphy oops.....

Linda and I were shooting a really fun destination wedding in Pass-a-grille.  It was super laid back and they even included us in dinner with their guests, which was totally not necessary but so sweet.  Normally that doesn't happen because we are running around the entire time but with 17 guests it can happen.  Anyway, while I was with the bride for getting ready pictures she told me she was so embarassed because her calligrapher had made a mistake!  She did an escort card for me and one that should have said Asst. Photographer but it ended up saying what was easy mistake to make and really funny to us:-)  So the bride put a little "kick" in front of it. So, maybe not totally appropriate but I had to share! 

Foto Friday: Is it or isn't it??

So I was on beautiful Reddington Beach doing Dana and Brad's e-session and we happened to look over and see this guy with a blonde mustache and yellow bandana just hanging out on the beach.  He looked so familiar and was happy to take a picture with Dana and Brad but the question is, is this Hulk Hogan or isn't this Hulk Hogan?


Foto Friday!

I haven’t done a foto Friday post in a while!  After our crazy season I’m working on taking the creativity to another level and “seeing” from different perspectives.  I was recently doing a commercial shoot for a swim spa company and they had new little playful kittens running around.  This on decided he was going to sit right in a flower pot and watch what we were doing.  So I guess if I liked to be a cheesy jokester you could call this portrait “Kitty on Pot”:-)

5d Mark ii 70-200 f/2.8is lens, shot at 200mm, 1/40, iso 3000

Foto Friday!

We've been so busy I've slacking on my foto friday's and wedding album Wednesday but I do have one for today. Welcome to rainy season in Florida!  We tried to do Traci and Bo's engagement session yesterday and here's as far as we got, we decided against doing the whole shoot in the truck! We'll be doing the real one soon:-)  Happy Friday!!!

Foto Friday!

Last weekend I was doing a photo shoot outside a school next to a little pond and had some very inquisitive little on lookers.  There were actually 4 otters in it, the most I could get in one shot was 3 but they were playing around and having a good time.  I love cute little animals so I couldn't resist!

Foto Friday Super Full Moon

Last Saturday evening was the super full moon or "perigee moon" because it was apparently closer to the earth than it has been since 1993.  I took this photo from the terrace of the Don Ceasar.  I wish I could have caught it just when it was rising but it's still pretty cool.  It was really tricky to shoot because it was so bright, but also very orange and you could really see the texture of the surface. Here's my best one of it over Tampa.

Shot with 5d Mark ii 70-200 f/2.8is lens at 200mm, 1/60 f/2.8 ISO 800.

Foto Friday!

This is not a great picture because I had about 2 seconds to get it but it is definitely random!  This was also at the warrior dash if you saw my post earlier this week. I was hoping for a bride or bridesmaid or something wedding related and nothing, until about 2 minutes before we were leaving we saw this girl. She actually wore it to run this crazy mud bog obstacle course!

Foto Friday Feature!

A big congrats to our friends at Anglo Couture and Paper Presence as they celebrated the grand opening of their new space in St. Pete!  Anglo Couture is local wedding gown design house with amazing gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flow girl dresses, and accessories.  Paper Presence specialized is custom one of a kind invitations and stationary.  They put on a really fun soiree and we were happy to capture it for them.  The tomato soup shots, panini's, and donut hole dessert bar, to die for!

Catering: Puff N Stuff, Florals: Events In Bloom, Beverage: uDream Events, Entertainment: Universal Music

Foto Friday!

On December 31st, in the morning before all the wedding festivities were going to start, David and I took a drive instead of hiking (because it was 2 degrees) through the Garden of the Gods.  It was so peaceful and frosted with new white snow.  Beautiful views and red rocks and formations surrounded us.  On the side of the road someone had built the perfect little snowman like he was there to greet you on your way.  I started to wonder who built it, why did they, when did they do it? Where do they live?  That I'll never know, but their few minutes of playing in the snow added a little smile to our day!

Foto Friday! Kindness Day

Today is Kindness Day in Tampa!  You can stop over at the Channel 8 parking lot and donate toys and give blood for the holidays.  I feel like this little story goes right along with it so wanted to share!  One of our facebook followers saw the portrait session I did with Lisa and Garren.  Garren servers our country in the US Army, and this person wanted to do a random act of kindness and give them a little thank you for their service and gifted them a portrait. How awesome is that!  I'm going to do something random and kind today, hopefully I'll have my camera with me:-)

Foto Friday: Riddle me this.....

So one more from Savannah, this is in Colonial Park Cemetery.  It was a cemetery from the mid 1700's to the mid 1800's. This gravestone says "In Memory of Josiah Muir who departed this life Oct 1st 1820 aged 11 years old & Mary his wife who died Aug 25th 1823 aged 17 years, also Lewis Phoenix their son who died Oct 18th 1820 aged 18 years old".  Apparently General Sherman's troops took over the cemetery and made it a camp, got bored and changed a bunch of the gravestones with all their extra time.  There's lots of broken, missing, and changed ones.  That is definitely random!

FOTO Friday

Phew it's still Friday! This past week we did a little getaway to Savannah, Georgia before Thanksgiving.  I love it, so much history there, pretty much some of the oldest stuff in the US you can find.  While walking around we saw this locksmith's shop that has been around since 1883.  The sign is really what caught my eye.  I wish we would have gone in and talked to the owners because I couldn't find anything really about it online.  I don't know why I'm so intrigued by it, I guess I'll have to stop by on our next trip there!

Foto Friday!

This is definitely random!  It was taken at the beach while I was doing pictures with the bridal party, but I'm not actually sure if I took this one.  One of the groomsmen was holding a camera for being and being very helpful so it may in fact have been him.  Either way it looks cool and gives me something to post:-) Happy Friday!

Canon 5d Mark ii, 70-200mm f2.8 IS.   Shot at 125mm, ISO 125 f/10 1/500

Foto Friday! Conch Diving

So I'm in Turks and Caicos for a wedding and we went "Conch Diving" today.  You dive down about 10 feet and pick up conch's.  I think I've eaten this before but I hadn't ever seen what they actually look like.  The inside of the shell is pink and on the outside you can tell how old it is by how many spines it has.  These are the pile our group got on the boat.  This poor little guy was trying to escape but ended up in conch cerviche for lunch! 

Foto Friday!

This guy was surfing while we were doing wedding photos on the beach. If you saw Jessie and Tony's sneaks the surf board might look familiar because he was nice enough to let use it since it matched her wedding colors perfectly:-)  I love capturing people just being.  He looked so relaxed and in his element as he would wait for the perfect wave and than catch a ride on it.  

Shot with Canon 5d Mark ii, 70-200 f2.8 is lens, 1/800 f2.8 200mm iso 100