Bridal Shower in Wonderland Styled Shoot @ USF Botanical Gardens

We love collaborating with other talented "friendors" in Tampa to create something different and amazing.  The concept for this "Shower in Wonderland" came from Melissa, from Chefin, and Becky, from Tufted.  We are honored they asked us to photograph their vision!  Dennis  & MacKenzie and their actual bridal party were our fabulous models:-) Here's the detail straight from Melissa:

"The vision was to create a wedding shower in which the men could not only particpate, but actually have fun.  This was done through the incorporation of a gentlemen's lounge in which the guys could enjoy spirits, cards, and their own dessert table with a darker, more masculine color scheme.

Guests were greeted with cocktails and pastries in a setting that may allow them to feel as if they were "down the rabbit hole" which helped set the tone for the playful day which was to occur.

The men enjoyed a Queen of Hearts dessert table which included Cherry-Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, Rose Petal Truffle Cakes, Cake Pops, and Deck of Cards Iced Cookies and Cake. The Queen of Hearts theme was brought to life by using darker tones mixed with elements that elude to some of the Queen's favorite items: hearts, decks of cards, and even gold crowns; providing a perfect backdrop for the men to wager a bet on their own card game.

The girls enjoyed a brunch of tea and pastries in a more whimsical setting, which took a que from The Mad Hatter. The tea table was filled with endless cakes and pastries including Lavender Shortbread  Iced Cookies, Inidvidual Spice Cakes with Chai Cream,  Orange Creamsicle Truffles, Mini Raspberry Charlottes, Citrus Mousse Cake, and a Royal Charlotte with Cascading Fruit amongst other celebration cakes to fit the theme. The table was set with vintage pastels and elements to help subtly elude to the whimsical theme such as clocks, books, tea cups and pots, and even a white rabbit.  In true Wonderland fashion, the entire bridal party joined together for a game of crochet after their separate dessert celebrations."

Location | USF Botanic Gardens | Vintage Furniture | Tufted | Dessert Tables | Chefin | Hair & Makeup | Michele Renee the Studio | Dresses & Accessories | Anglo Couture | Girls Shoes | Diana E Kelly | Bride & Groom | Dennis Bonefont & MacKenzie Clark | Bridal Party | Tara Quinn, Michael Quinn, Nikki Fulton, Otis Collado, Jennifer Bordonaro, Gary Miller