{Lindsey + Jayson @Don Cesar}

The Florida afternoon showers were no where to be found on this beautiful Saturday! Lindsey's bouquet was amazing, she has been collecting brooches and family heirlooms since February.  One of them was a pair of pink earrings that her grandmother wore to her parents wedding. The wrap around the "stems" was a section of lace from her mother's veil.  She also had a heart shaped photo of her late Grandpa sewn into the inside of her wedding dress.  Jayson and the best man, Eric, wore pink shirts, bright pink ties, and blue and white stripped jackets. Lindsey had a handkerchief embroidered for Jayson that he kept in his pocket. It was a sweet moment when Jayson's daughter, Emery, came into the room and saw her Daddy! You can tell they adore each other:-)  Jayson was brought to tears when he saw his gorgeous bride coming down the isle and met him on the steps of the courtyard. During the ceremony, the had a family "pledge" where they faced the audience and each side of their families stood and "pledged" to love, support, and pray for their marriage. The guests sipped on a pink passion fruit tea with cute white and pink stripped straws.  The reception decor was bold vibrant florals, and a candy favor table with every kind of treat you could think of.  They had cute, colorful, paper bags just waiting to be filled to the brim. The first dances were so loving and emotional! And all the guests "Awed"  as Jayson picked up his daughter and spun her around the dance floor to "My girl". Such sweet personal details and an amazing story we so enjoyed capturing! Congrats Lindsey and Jay!  xoxoxo 

Venue, Florals & Cake: Don Cesar