Meet Sylense

Meet Sylense. 

She started second shooting with me in 2008 and has become such a great artist and fabulous photographer to work with!  She is now one of our main lead wedding photographers and my right hand girl!  

Her name is very unique, and yes it's pronounced like “shhhh”.  Here's the story: her parents were driving down the street before she was born trying to come up with a name and her mom got annoyed with her dad and said “silence”, it stuck but with a cooler spelling:-)  Capturing the beauty and creating art is her joy & passion.  Her previous aspirations were to become a photographer for national geographic, but after shooting weddings she was hooked!  It is such a perfect fit with her personality and love for life.  Sylense grew up in Tampa and loves Mexican food and running along Bayshore Boulevard.

Photo by Andi Diamond