A little help for all you curly haired girls and chance to win something too:-)

I actually like my curly hair but it is a challenge especially in Florida with it being so super humid!  That's why I never straighten in because I'm a wash it and go kind of girl, even though I do like it straight sometimes because it gives a whole new look!  Just under a month ago, Keratherapy allowed me to test out their Advanced Renewal System Keratin treatment at Salon Mirage in Tampa.  

The Advanced Renewal System was a three step process. First, my stylist Jennifer took me over to the sink to rinse my hair with the “activate,” which prepared my hair for the treatment by purifying and detoxifying.

Step two involved the smoothing system.  I know some straightening treatments have a lot of chemicals and one of the main reasons I even tried Keratherpy is beacuse it's 100% formaldehyde free and are also free of harsh chemicals. Jennifer carefully pieced my hair and applied the smoothing system, combing it through from root to tip. Since my hair is curly, she set the timer for 30 minutes to let it rest.  Throughout the process, Jennifer would comb my hair every few minutes. She informed me that the treatment is actually a memory system, so reinforcing the straight/smooth style is constant through the process. The Advanced Renewal System will actually remove 75% or more of the curl or wave pattern in your hair.

After the 30 minutes were complete, Jennifer blow dried my hair and then ran a flat iron through it; again, to reinforce the straight/smooth texture. Then, it was time for the final step of the system: the seal. I was escorted back to the sink again, where Jennifer rinsed my hair and applied the seal, which locks in the nourishing benefits of the Advanced Renewal System. At that point, the process was complete, and Jennifer blow dried my hair so I could see the results. 

Since I don't straighten my hair very often and still wanted to wear it curly, these first 2 pics are from yesterday so you can see it's not quite as curly as it normally is and a lot less frizzy.

All I used was a flat iron since I like to straighten my hair when it's already dry, and you only have to go over it once and it straightens really easily.  

!The reason I never straighten my hair is becuase even with it being short it still took about 45 minutes to get it really straight and un-crazy.  I timed it with my trusty iphone and it took 14 minutes! 

Here's what the final straight hair looks like, I just ran some of the Keratin Infused Argin Oil.  I re-setup the same picture I had done a few weeks before with my pre-Keratherapy hair so you can see the difference in looks.  I actually like both!

 If you would like to win free Keratherapy products follow the instructions below and you could win:  Keratherapy after care gift set $100 value- keratin infused shampoo, keratin infused conditioner, keratin infused deep conditioning masque, keratin infused argan oil and keratin infused leave-in conditioner.

Here is how to enter (feel free to leave one comment with all entries if you want, but you must be CLEAR and tell me which methods you have completed):

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The giveaway will run through 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, October 20th. At that point, I will select three winners at random and notify via email.

***Disclosure: I was first introduced to Keratherapy at the Blogger Brilliance convention earlier this month. They provided me with the after care products and the Advanced Renewal System treatment (as well as the sets to give away). Opinions and experience are 100% my own.***