Costa Rica Dia de tres and quatro

We made it to Turrialba yesterday! The Costa Rican countryside is beautiful. We are pretty far up in the mountains as you can see from the picture below. There is lots of coffee, ferns, bananas and flowers that people farm. Turrialba also has nice internet cafes so I´ll be able to keep updating you. I put descriptions of what the pictures are below, check it out...................

A few hours after we arrived, our team plugged right into a a really neat kids ministry. This woman named Ruth feeds a group of about 100 kids that are mostly homeless. We went to the church where they meet and did skits.
Romina is one of our group members, she is originally from Argentina so has been awesome in helping translate. She was helping translate for Brad who is sharing the Gospel with all the kids and their parents, about 30 raised their hands that they prayed to accept Christ! The families are so excited to have us and were so much fun.
Here´s a group of the kiddos waving and playing ball .
Josh, Sophie, David, and even Bruce did a skit, it was hilarious! The kids loved it, they were laughing so hard!
We also helped feed them and passed out goodie bags that had toothpaste, crayons, bouncie balls and fun stuff in them. Here´s Landon helping pass them out.
These 2 are so cute, I was hanging out with them. They loved their treat bags and and also seeing their pictures on the camera.
Below starts today, we went to a local park to invite youth and kids to a youth service we will be doing tonight. This park is about 6 blocks from where we are staying. Everyone here is so friendly and happy to talk to us. Brad and Bruce are teaching at a pastor´s conference here this afternoon where there are about 30 local pastors and wives. These pastors have practically no training so it is huge for them to be able to be a part of it. More to come...................................