Costa Rica dia de quatro y cinco

Buenos noches! I will add pics tomorrow this dumb card reader isn´t working! I´m able to update this at random times so today you´ll get an update from last night and today. Wed night we did a service for young people at the church we are working at called Messengers of Hope. It was a rainy Costa Rica evening but lots of people still showed up. They did some great songs in Espanol and they we did some in English and Spanish. Josh taught specifically to the young people on not following the crowd. The youth that came with us did an AMAZING skit to music called Everything, language was not a barrier as the message definately got across.

Today, Thursday was our free day. The entire group went Caverning up in the mountains here. It was hiking and repelling down waterfalls. There were 3 repels down, one of them being 70 feet high, it was so much fun. Definately nothing like that in FL! Brad and the fam, Bruce, Josh, and Beth headed back to San Jose early because their flight tomorrow is on American air and they are cancelling a ton of flights. If you think about it pray for them to get back safely tomorrow!