Featured Venue: Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club

The last NACE event was hosted by Innisbrook and I met Tanya Clark who is the Director of Catering and Julie Carter, the Catering Sales Manager there. They have done a great deal of renovations and I did some setup shots for them of two beautiful spaces they have. Here are a couple of shots of Edinburgh and Inverness ballrooms.
This is Edinburgh, the colors are very neutral and it has a great foyer for cocktail hours and beautiful spacious ballroom.

Here's the view from the head table........

Here's the view of the head table..........

There is a garden right outside the foyer for your outdoor wedding.

The second space is Inverness, which is a very elegant and grand space.
The foyer has long hallway with soaring ceilings that let in a lot of natural light.

This is where the ceremony was set up to take place at the end of the grand hallway.

The ballroom is right next to grand hallway and has a very elegant and dramatic feel to it.