Brittany+Blake Engagement Pics in Colorado!!

Ok, I posted the scenery and now I'm finally getting to post a sneak peek of their pics!! It was beautiful weather and there were bright yellow leaves everywhere and snow and ice when we went way up into the mountains. So, I got my fill of that for the year:-) The lake with all the leaves is Lake Loveland, and the other shots are from Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. It was so great to hang out with Brittany and Blake for the weekend, I'll be heading to Chi-town for their wedding next June. All their pics will be available at
This is my favorite so I had to put it first:-)
Lake Loveland
On the way up to Rocky Mountain Natl Park we found lots of cool "junk"
What a view! Still on the way up to the park......
We stopped at the Stanley Hotel, which is apparently where that movie "The Shining" was filmed, room 401 is the scary room!
It was sooo freezing up here!
Had to use the biggest prop we could find!
This was right at dusk and the lake is half frozen!