Welcome to the World Tristan

I got to spend some time with this sweet new family of 4 (dogs always count as part of the family:-) Tristan has the most adorable nursery decorated with zoo animals and gray washed wood. It was so sweet seeing Cinda and Tyler as brand new parents and how in love they are with him.  Addie wanted to be a part of the fun too!

Welcome to the World Nathaniel

The last time I saw this family, Owen was a little newborn! Now he's 4 years old and the sweetest big brother to little Nathaniel. The perfect spot for their family photos was their loft which has a huge window and awesome floor to ceiling bookcase.  Their new little kitten even made it in one photo:-)  Michelle designed a super cute shark themed nursery for Nate complete with a crocheted shark that both little cuties fit in.  By the end he was lounging and posing in his dreams!  Uh, so adorable!!! 

Welcome to the World Harper

This little peanut was 5lbs 15 oz when she was born and I got to see her when she was just 8 days old.  I think she did pretty fantastic for her very first portrait session. Her nursery is so cute and peaceful with the perfect little window nook full of pretty pillows.  Since their last name is DeLeon, Harper is their little lion cub.  Lauren found a cute hand made lion hat and tale which Harper wasn't totally a fan of until she went to sleep:-) It made my day photographing this brand new party of 3! 

Dax Newborn

This little guy is already a Tampa Bay Lightening fan!  Autumn and Collin's other child, Tate, (the 4 legged furry kind:-) is use to being a model since he was in their engagement photos and he was very sweet with Dax.  So many sweet moments with this little cutie and his parents, we even got a little smile while Collin was holding him.  They have this awesome family wall in their living room that was the perfect ending to our session! 

Welcome to the World Baby M

I got to spend some time photographing this handsome little guy when he was just 5 days old!  I absolutely love these sweet moments with Lyani and Darren in their home. We even got a little smile and lots of those baby toes.  Makes me happy seeing them so happy!  Congrats you guys, he's just perfect!!    

Grayson Newborn

I got to meet his little guy when he was just a week old!  There's nothing better to me than seeing our couples fall in love with their new little sweet ones. Grayson is just adorable and his parents are head over heels for him.  We did their lifestyle session at their home and in Grayson's nursery.  I love the quote on the wall!  Congrats Tiffany & Phil!

Adoption Awareness Month

This newborn session has a little story behind it that I thought was perfect to share since November is National Adoption Awareness month.  After we adopted our girls, we kept our foster license with our adoption agency for cradle care.  Sometimes when a baby that is going to be adopted is born the adoptive family isn’t legally approved to take them yet.   So, cradle care is a temporary home until that is possible.  We had never gotten a call for that until last Friday.  Our adoption agency called and asked if we could take a newborn little girl that would be discharged on Saturday.  All the reasons we could say no crossed our mind like, it’s wedding season, holiday season, and I’m not going to lie, we love getting a full nights sleep!:-) But, we said yes and a few hours later this little 6 lb beauty was sleeping soundly in our home.  I literally could not help myself, and took a break from what I should be doing to do a little newborn session of her, I even caught a little grin!  She has the sweetest adoptive parents that come to see her every day in between doing everything the need to get their home study done so they can take her home.  Same as when we were foster parents people say “wow, I could never do that, or it would be so hard to see her leave”.  David and I have always struggled with how to respond to this because I promise you, we are not gifted with special powers or anything different from anyone else.  The other day we figured out what to say. It’s quite simple really. 

It’s not about us.  

That’s all. It’s about the child and the need at hand and if we are willing to say yes and meet that need. That’s what being a foster and adoptive parent is all about. It’s hard and messy sometimes but it takes normal people to say yes and there are no super powers needed but love and selflessness. You’ll gain more than you will ever put in and love more deeply then you ever thought possible.  

Little Miss Aubrey

This little beauty was about 3 weeks old when I got to photograph her.  She was awake for our entire session and has a very sweet and sassy little personality already!  Lauren & Josh have become very good friends of ours and I'm so excited for their new little addition!!  Plus Maddie and Evie are excited to have another princess to play with. We did a very simply lifestyle session just in their room and I love that they have a little "love" pillow:-) 


I love getting to photograph the next stage in our couples lives which is usually babies!  Michelle and Graham had a beautiful little boy born on April 16th and I got to meet him very shortly after, which is my favorite:-)  It's both of his grandma's first grandchild and the afghan and little outfits were both handmade by them.  Owen slept through the entire session and he's SO sweet!  

5_25_12 Tampa Baby Session1.jpg