It's Giving Tuesday!

There's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and today is Giving Tuesday! Today is a day where everyone in the world can come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and give.  My social and personal passion is adoption and the foster care system and I have 2 ways for you to join with us in #givingtuesday!  

The first is, our foundation (Promise Love Foundation) partners with families to raise funds for adoption and we have an awesome event coming up this Sunday 12.6 with the ladies from High Hopes in High Heels!  You can get your family's photo taken with Santa and all proceeds go towards adoption and creating forever families! No waiting in a crazy line at the mall and you'll get to see my kid wrangling skills:-) The event info is below and you can click HERE to reserve your spot! 

The 2nd is, the family we are currently partnering with, the Pucovsky family, finalized the adoption of 14 year old Zaniya just last Tuesday!  They only need $1890 to reach their goal, and you can literally be a part of changing the course of a teenagers' life by giving. You can read their adoption finalization story and DONATE HERE

The Official Team Boyer

Tuesday 11/3 was adoption day for the Boyer family! It's always such an honor and amazing capturing these special moments. They are also one of our Promise Love Foundation Families we supported so it was so much fun to see them reach their goal, and be there for the beginning of this journey!  Congrats you guys!! 

The Official Team Mize

This was a very happy day for dear friends of ours who finalized the adoption of their son Jacob Matthew!  An adoption finalization hearing is only about 10 minutes long but some of the most meaningful and life changing moments a family will experience. It's also one of those things you don't totally get unless you are there so that's why it's one of my favorite things to photograph.  Stephanie and John have 3 biological kids as well and this time I was watching their reaction.  Their 2 sweet girls we just overjoyed and overcome with emotion after Jay was legally their brother. They are so young, but so loving and compassionate, they totally get it and it is really just the most beautiful thing! Congrats you guys, it's the beginning of an amazing journey!!