Clamp Family

Not only is Natalie the talented owner of Chic Sweets, but also a great friend and amazing person.  She wanted a rustic, random location and Amazing Marine was perfect.  I've always wondered who owns the historic, rusty, water tower and it's them:-) They were so nice to let us use their property.  Their 3 boys are full of energy and we had so much fun!!! Rusty buildings, old tires, and Natalie picked the perfect outfits.  I love her polka dot skirt! 

Eugene and Glenda

Eugene and Glenda have been married 15 years and haven't done a portrait session together in a number of years so it was really fun to work with and laugh with them.  When we were talking about location and style, Eugene was kind of joking about having their cat Crystal in some of the photos and I was like ABSOLUTELY!  People include their dogs a lot but why not?  She looks exactly like the cat in the Fancy Feast commercials:-)  I really enjoyed capturing their personalities and it was right in their neighborhood so no better place than home!

Jackie + Levi

Jackie called me and wanted to surprise Levi with a portrait session right before he was deployed for 8 months.  They both serve our country in the military and it's such a big part of their lives, so Macdill was the perfect location.  They experiences and travels they've had are so interesting, it's always an honor to work with people who serve our country and sacrifice so much, especially time with each other and their families so it's especially fun getting to capture these moments:-) 

Bruce, Heather, & Gwen

The last time I photographed little miss Gwen she was a tiny baby.  It amazes me how they turn into little people with their own personalities!  We did their session downtown Tampa, natural, fun and urban!  Grandpa also came along, he can always get Gwen to laugh and smile.  I love when he put her on the counter at Bo's for some ice cream. So sweet!