The S Family @ Cypress Point Tampa

Ghaly, Natasha, and their 3 beautiful girls are from the Bahamas!  Natasha and the girls are living here in Tampa just while she is getting her PhD in literacy at USF and Ghaly travels back and forth between Nassau and Tampa.  Ghaly told me he wanted to capture the love and kindness of his family in a natural and stylish way.  What a great description of who they are, I think we nailed it!!  These 3 girls reminded me of my 2 sisters and I growing up:-)  Such little beauties and so full of life and fun.  Here's just a few of my favs!! 

Castellow Family

The last time I saw Megan and Joel was while they were waiting for miss Emma to arrive:-) I always take tons of photos for baby sessions because sometimes you get these random expressions they do and I happened to get the little "Elvis" face she makes sometimes.  She is just a little doll and so full of smiles already!  Merry first Christmas to you 3!  xoxox

Pete, Andi & Ethan

Here's a few little sneaks of our family portrait session with Pete, Andi and Ethan.  Little Mr. Ethan is 4 and a half years old so he's at the stage when you never know what he's going to do next:-)  Andi happens to also be a photographer Andi Diamond Photography, and a fabulous one at that!  It's always an honor to capture the life of another photographer and I really have enjoyed getting to know her and her family!

O'Leary Family

Grethel and Stephen have become some of our closest friends in Tampa, which made our session all the more fun!  Their little boy Tristan is one of the most smiley little boys.  He's almost 2 and loves to run, play, and mow the lawn:-)  I so enjoy capturing families just enjoying life and doing the things they would normally do to spend time with each other. Here's a little sneak of our session!