Jan & Mark

Jan and Mark are getting married next month!  They wanted their engagement session to include their girls Jessica and Kd, Jessica's boyfriend Kyle, and of course all their pets!  Jan had just gotten this sweet new Jeep which we had to use.  I love this session because it's totally them at home with their family.  Their dogs loved being in the photos, their cats not so much so they got their own portraits:-)  We are SO looking forward to their wedding on June 9th!!! 

Art Print Photo Box

Our couples have been loving new 5x7 size art print photo boxes we are offering.  It comes with a custom photo cover/fabric and your favorite photos mounted on matboard.  These prints are much thicker than normal photo prints and perfect for framing or putting on little easels at the wedding.  Haley and John picked the deep matte finish, so they have a very unique feel to them.  

Haley & Jordan

Haley & Jordan are from Texas and they met summer of 2008 while working at a camp for kids. Haley joined Jordan at Texas A&M where he got his masters in Sports Management and she got her bachelors of science.  Their relationship has spanned the miles over the past 3 years. Jordan moved to Tampa to work for the Bucs, and after finishing her boards for physical therapy, Haley is moving here this month and they are getting married 7.25.15!  They are just the sweetest, fun loving couple, up for anything. I thought Ybor would be a great welcome to Tampa engagement session:-) 

Kate & Jake

These 2 met while in Alaska playing shuffleboard:-) Jake is in the Coast Guard and Kate is a Pharmacist and they moved to Florida when Jake got stationed here. I LOVE Kate's hair (by Naz from Collective Creations), it was a long braid wrapped in a smaller one. Trees with colorful leaves are pretty rare here I feel like, but there was a gorgeous row of trees with red leave, lots of laughing due to a random onlooker, and beautiful light!!  xoxoxo