Aiden is 1!

We photographed Nicole and David's wedding almost 4 years ago and at the time they were living in NYC.  I am SO excited that they not only moved back to Tampa but we get to photograph them as a party of 3!!!  Aiden loves Elmo and is just so freaking adorable!!!  Nicole had this backdrop custom made by an artist friend of theirs, Matthew David.  Aiden wasn't quite sure to make of the cake at first but with a little cheering on he had a pretty fabulous cake smash!  Besides the actual photography part, I LOVE getting to see our couples grow into families and capture these amazing moments for them.  It was so hard to choose but here's a few of my favs! 

Tai Tai is 1!

I love everything about this session with Lyani and Darren's family!  Their boys are so handsome and full of life and energy.  The toddler years are no joke (I have 2 of them so I can testify:-) The days are messy, and hard, and you are tired, but so full of love and moments that go by faster than you could ever imagine.  I think toddlers make adults understand that life isn't always perfect and sometimes you just gotta roll with what you got.  That's what I love about this session just real authentic moments with this sweet fam! 

Ezra is 1!

This handsome little guy just turned 1!  Ezra is actually wearing the same sailor outfit his daddy wore when he was a little boy.  Rachel had the cutest birthday banner and little bow tie with  suspenders.  It was his very first time having cake and he did not like it!! Rachel actually had to put blueberries on top so he would try it.  Ezra has the most beautiful big brown eyes and eyelashes I would die for:-) These sweet moments are just so special!