{Charlyssa + Eric @Lexington Oaks Golf Club}

One of the things I love about weddings is that they are all so different and really you can make them whatever you want to, especially around Halloween! Charlyssa and Eric met at a Star Wars Live Action Role-Playing game on the USF campus.  They chose the wedding theme to be the BBC show Dr. Who because it's their favorite show.  Charlyssa also told me since it's the longest running tv show in history they are going to outlast it with their marriage! They love playing games and have a long standing Risk rivalry has yet to be resolved.  I didn't know anything about Dr. Who but I do know:-)  Doctor Who is the last Time Lord from the lost planet of Gallifrey, he travels in his T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Demensions in Space) around the universe generally with a human companion and tends to help people. He's known throughout the universe by his allies as a savior and by his enemies as the coming doom.
There have been 11 incarnations of the doctor, whenever he is in mortal peril he can regenerate, causing him to take on a different appearance. His TARDIS is a police box (also known as the flower girl and decor for their tables:-), because it's supposed to mimic a familiar object from the surrounding where it lands, and when it landed in Britian it became a police box, and has stuck like that ever since.  So, now that you know that this will all make sense.  Their guests all dressed up as characters from different time periods since the show is all based on time travel.  Even Charlyssa's dress had just a little hint the police box on it.  Sylense and Haley even dressed up as pirates to match the theme:-)  They really made their wedding one of a kind and their guests had a blast!  Congrats!!!! xoxoxox

Venue: Lexington Oaks Golf Club, Catering: Affordable Catering, Florals: Apple Blossom Floral Design