Raven is 1!

I have had the honor of photographing Maureen & Ralph's, engagement session, wedding and now as a family of 3! Their little beauty Raven just turned 1 and we did this super casual lifestyle session at our studio.  Maureen has been riding horses pretty much her whole life and even had some equestrian details in their wedding so my little wooden rocking horse was perfect!  Both of Raven's outfits were handmade.  The bubble outfit from Laine Avery  and the outfit in the very last photo is from Henny Lou Kids, Maureen's cousin's Etsy shop.  Raven's birthday party was kitty themed with pink and gold sequins.  She was not a huge fan of getting her hands down and dirty in that cake but so adorable!!!!  Happy Birthday Raven!!! 

An Extra Special 1st Birthday!

I usually don't share my personal family events on our blog unless it's a really important one and this one is:-)  Our older daughter Madeline's 1 year old birthday is today!  Exactly one year ago we got to see the most beautiful 6 lb 7 oz little baby with tons of hair for the first time!  I still can't believe it's gone by so quickly and how blessed we are to be her parents. Her middle name is Joy and she has brought us more joy than I could have possibly imagined.  
     2 things I'm known for, (or like to think I am anyway:-) throwing fun parties and my love of cake!  Seriously, I don't know how anyone got ideas for birthday parties before pinterest was around. Since little Maddie doesn't know what she likes yet, she got to have a rainbow/unicorn themed birthday party, because really it's what mommy likes!  We had a little get together with friends and family yesterday, and it was a blast.  I have to give a serious THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Natalie, from Chic Sweets.  I showed her photos of what I wanted to do and she really made it come true. She made little signs that matched everything perfectly and treat bags for the kids to take lots of sugar home.  All I did was make rainbow rice krispies, oreo balls, and the rainbow cake and smash cake.  The mini cupcakes are from a new little bakery in Carrollwood called Small Cakes. The unicorn cupcake toppers are from Foolish Worker Bee and the Happy Birthday flag and cake sign are from Handmade by Seawon, both on Etsy.  There was no point in the day where there was full shade or sun on the sweets table but you get the idea.  Maddie LOVED her little smash cake and it was so funny because she dug right in and when everyone started laughing it scared her a little.  That didn't stop her though. Our other daughter Everly turns 1 in June so time to start planning another 1st birthday party!  4 months apart, random I know. Both our little bunnies are adopted and I've actually been working on a project every month over the past year that I'll be sharing soon next!