Enchanted Forest Wedding Concept Featured on Savvy Deets

Sometimes you just have to get creative and do something totally different and unique!  That’s what concept photo shoots are for!  Doing this kind of work just makes our brains ooze with creativity.  This one was collaboration between Events in Bloom, Aquali Bridal, and us of course, to do something very woodland outdoor, fairy like.  Why not?  The color palette was brown with eggplant and green accents with moss, vines, and natural décor.  Medard Park has these humungous trees with winding roots that grown in the most interesting directions.  The ceremony would be up on the top of one of these trees with flowers cascading down to meet the guests as they would watch below.  The reception would be inter-mingled within the canopy of the trees with tall florals that include succulants and vines.  If you’re outside, you would of course suspend the cake from a tree sitting on a metal floral plate and the stationary and signs would be visible but blend in with the surroundings.  How memorable would that be for guests?  Just sayin:-) 

Savvy Deets Bridal featured liked our creativity and featured it today!  See the story here

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