Marriage Bootcamp Cuba Style

The 2nd part of our trip even more important than setting up the bridal boutique was teaching a workshop on marriage.  In Cuba, they don't have marriage conferences and endless amounts of books and online info available to them like we do here.  At Bay Hope we have a really awesome pre-marital mentoring program for engaged couples so our team pulled out the most important parts and taught 4 workshops that each of the 30 couples rotated through.  The topics were communication, spirituality, family history, and personality.  They rented out a little resort in Guantanamo that was about 20 minutes from town.  It was a beautiful setting and the weather was amazing.  I was just helping keep time and photographing everything so I got to see all the groups.  Our couples did an amazing job and were so excited to teach, and the couples were just soaking everything in they possibly could! That night was a feast with an entire pig that had been roasting all day and lots of games, it was SO much fun.  We need to do more of that!  They ended the evening with giving each couple a little cup of coffee and a piece of candy.  It was so remind everyone that there will be bitter times and sweet times in life but that it's all worth it.  Before we left the next morning, the couples wanted to us to hear their stories.  So, we all gathered in a big group and one by one the couples shared their struggles and the things that had overcome, it was truly amazing.  Pretty soon, they'll have their own mentoring program led by their couples!