How to Tie a Bow Tie and Advice for Your Groomsmen

We’ve been doing a really fun series called Wine Knot Wednesday on our Facebook Page Live so I’m going to start posting them here too! It’s all the latest buzz in weddings from cool people:-)

This week we had Brent Kraus who owns Ella Bing Haberdashery on to talk all about tips and tricks to have well groomed groom/groomsmen. He also demoed a super easy way to tie a bow tie (starts at about 9:17). Here’s some of our favorite tips he shared and if you tune in below you can see the whole episode!

For a timeless look for a more formal wedding is a fitted black tux with a bow tie (made me think of James Bond:-). A tux black tux should always have suspenders and no belt. For a more casual wedding like on the beach or destination opt out of a jacket and wear a vest and choose a simple lapel flower or carnation.

In choosing an overall look start with your jacket and then pick one detail that is the focal point like a bowtie. Ella Bing custom makes wooden bow ties that are really amazing gifts and art pieces that Brent’s dad actually carves himself. Then add things like cufflinks, socks, and pocket squares. Pocket squares should never match the same material as the actual tie.

When styling your groomsmen, measure their neck sizes. Bow ties come in standard lengths and thicker necks are not standard measurements.

Shoes! Try dress slippers, they’re modern and fit well with tailored pants when your ankle shoes. Remember, no socks!