Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite things to do every year is come up with fun Halloween costumes for my kids.  It accidentally started when they were 1 year olds and I made them mini granny costumes now I have to do something cool each year:-)  They're 3, so they love candy and sugar and parties so I figured why not make them cotton candy and a gumball machine.  Maddie's favorite color is purple and Evie loves anything with sparkles.  I of course went on pinterest for some how to's.  I love when they show you photos of what, and how they did it so if you look below I'll show you exactly what I used and how I made these.  I never do anything difficult because I don't have the patience for it, so anyone can do this!  Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! 

Gumball Machine Costume

10_31_17 Happy Halloween_0004.jpg

How To:
With scissors I cut the metal pie crust pan so just the lip was left and then painted it red. Trace the plastic part on the red paper and cut in a circle. Put all the pom poms in the pie top and the red circle on the back and then seal it like you would a pie. Cut the felt to a square and draw on the 25 cents.  To attach it the "gumball part", I used red thread and tied it around the edge of the metal so I could tie it on the straps.  Voila! You're done!

1 Bag of 1 inch Pom Poms - Michaels
1 Sheet of Gray Felt - Michaels
Red Craft Paint for Metal - Michaels
Small Paint Brush - Michaels
Red Sheet of scrapbook paper - Michaels
8 in Pie Crust - Walmart
Red outfit - Amazon
Red Shoes - Walmart
Red Thread, Scissors, Black Permanent Marker

Cotton Candy Costume

How To: 
This one was a little trickier, I wasn't seeing a way to do it that I thought totally looked like cotton candy so made this one up.  The poly fill is in layers so I laid it out in a single layer on trash bags outside.  Hold the spray paint about 2 feet away and cover the top with a layer of color and let it dry for an hour or so.

1 large bag of Poly Fill - Michaels
2 3 oz cans of purple fabric paint - Michaels
1 Can of Krylon Spray Glue - Michaels
Large Piece of White Paper - Michaels
Purple Hair Spray - Walmart
Purple Shoes - Walmart
Longer t shirt - Walmart

10_31_17 Happy Halloween_0006.jpg

Take the shirt and place put it over a pillow so you can put the fill on it.  Spray the surface directly and place the fill on it and hold for a couple of seconds.  It holds really well!  Wrap the layers to get the look you want and then make holes for the arms.  Let it set overnight.  Take the white paper and make a hat that looks like the paper cone that cotton candy comes in.  I used double sided tape to hold it.  Staple ribbon to each side to tie it on.  Spray hair with the hair color and you're done!